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Welcoming Your New Employee

Welcoming a new employee is more than simply making a company announcement and a manager assignment. Making a new employee feel welcome will lead to the best possibility of integrating someone successfully into your company. This involves much more than someone accepting your job offer. The impression a new employee forms during the on-boarding time [...]

Win big while losing….join the fun!

This past Fall our President, Jason Chagnon, decided to go on a health and wellness kick and started exercising, eating healthy and shedding some unwanted pounds.  He was even tracking his daily calorie intake and exercise on MyFitnessPal. He was feeling so good he wanted to share the experience and include our whole company in [...]

Does your job feel like work?

Most of my family members and friends talk about how much they dislike going to work.  They dread Monday mornings, they hate their boss, they don’t enjoy what they do every day, they don’t feel valued or appreciated and - BIG surprise - every one of them is actively looking for a new job.  Not [...]

Wellness Programs in the Workplace – Part 1

What if there was a way for work to be more refreshing? What if this place you go to earn a living also gave the benefit of getting healthier or maintaining a healthy balance in life? Wellness programs implemented by employers in the workplace have a noticeable effect on the health of workers. Not only [...]

Masiello Employment Services Earns WRC Certification

Masiello Employment Services, Inc. announced today that they have now been awarded Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC). The WRC program recognizes staffing companies that practice best in class risk management to reduce workplace injuries and related costs. WRC certified companies maintain that a focus on safety and risk management protects their employees while offering a [...]

Unlock the Past, Protect the Future

By James Wyatt Brannock Jr. and Kelly G. Verberg Corporate scandal. Workplace violence. Security threats. These issues loom large in the minds of employees and employers alike. More than 60% of employees say that feeling safe at work is a priority in job satisfaction, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. In addition, SHRM [...]

The True Cost of a New Hire

I spend a lot of time talking to people about the real cost of a new hire.  Often times I start by pointing out the obvious “hard costs”:  advertising costs, background checking, interviewing.  But beyond these quantifiable costs there are many other “soft” costs that are regularly overlooked.  All of these things take time…and time [...]

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