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Manufacturing Associate (Candidate ID: 27713)

We are working with a candidate who is interested in 1st or 2nd shift Material Handler or Finishing positions in the Brattleboro area. He has about 10 years of manufacturing experience and has done packaging, inspection, assembly, machine operation and some warehouse work.  References state he is a self-starter who takes his job very seriously.

Production Lead (Candidate ID: 42723)

Our light industrial candidate is available immediately for a full-time, first shift position in Brattleboro/Bernardston/Greenfield/Hinsdale/Winchester/Keene/Bellows Falls. She formerly worked as a Lead Final Inspector for several years, inspecting parts to make sure they met the required specifications. As part of that role, she used microscopes, gauges, calipers, micrometers for final inspection and then packed the [...]

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Machine Operator (Candidate ID: 18700)

Are you looking for a candidate with extensive production line experience and great longevity? If so, contact us! We are working with a candidate who held his past role with the same organization for 9 years until the facility closed. In that position, he ran various machines, moved product, and tracked and completed daily batch [...]

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1st Shift Manufacturing Associate (Candidate ID: 61115)

We are seeking 1st shift opportunities for a manufacturing/light industrial candidate who has experience in machine operation, using hand tools, and performing inspection of his own parts. He enjoys manufacturing, is team oriented and self-motivated, and often exceeds goals. His ideal position will be in the Jaffrey/Peterborough/Keene/Wilton/Milford area.

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Assembler (Candidate ID: 58746)

We are working with a candidate who has great longevity and a good manufacturing background as an assembler. In her many years with the same organization, she gained experience in different phases of assembly doing mechanical, electrical, small parts, and working in a clean room. She also performed engraving, etching, and machine operation of various [...]

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Engineer (Candidate ID: 57959)

Our engineering candidate has worked for his current organization for over 15 years and is looking for a new position that challenges him and allows him to continue to grow. He has worked as a Design and Process Engineer to facilitate the production of parts and is proficient in SolidWorks, Composer, AutoCAD Fusion 360, and [...]

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Design Engineer (Candidate ID: 12947)

Our Industrial Designer/Graphic Illustrator candidate has a diverse background and has worked in the engineering and manufacturing industries for much of his professional career. He has considerable machining experience and in addition to his current role as a Senior Machinery and Equipment Engineer, where he performs automated manufacturing machinery design, he has been a freelance [...]

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QA Technician (Candidate ID: 57895)

Our Quality Assurance candidate spent nearly 10 years with the same organization, conducting pre-operation inspections, test swapping, working on the production line, and completing the necessary paperwork. Prior to that, she was a Bakery Assistant for nearly 10 years, inspecting product in the final assembly department and supervising a department of more than 15 people [...]

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Forklift Operator (Candidate ID: 56925)

We are working with a Forklift Operator who has worked at his current employer since 2002 and is looking to make a change. He has skills in assembly (small parts/manual) and visual inspection, as well as various warehouse skills including shipping/receiving, selecting, stocking, loading/unloading, pallet jack operation, and performing cycle counts. His ideal role would [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 57553)

Do you need a Manufacturing Engineer with a great deal of experience in project management and supervision, and demonstrated success in past positions? Our candidate has reduced labor content by 56% through converting the packaging line to single piece pull system in his current role. He has served in a number of leadership positions, including [...]

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