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Understanding Confidentiality – Why Recruiters Cannot Always Disclose the Companies We Recruit for.

Confidentiality is defined as “the state of being kept secret or private” and is often a critical component of the hiring process. By its very nature, the concept of confidentiality is a tough subject to work around, however, the reality of certain hiring situations requires discretion. One of the reasons that employers hire recruiters is [...]

Masiello Employment’s Guide to Good Luck Charms for Job Hunters

We at Masiello Employment are serious—very serious—about our role in your job search. We’re experts in our field and we’ll help you in every way we can to land your dream job, from developing a stellar resume to honing your interview skills. Today, though, with lucky St. Patrick’s Day approaching soon, we’re lightening the mood [...]

Masiello Employment’s Top 7 Secrets to Standing Out from the Competition

Finding your dream job is just the start. Landing that job depends on several elements: your skill set, connections, resume, and interview skills . . . As well as the way you stand out from the competition. Over the years, we at Masiello Employment have figured out a number of ways to shine the spotlight [...]

Masiello Employment’s Guide to Getting Hired in 2018

The latest Jobs Report indicates the United States added two million jobs last year, with new positions across the country and across all sectors (as just one example, there were more than 400,000 jobs created in manufacturing and construction). Even better news: all signs point to more jobs in 2018. So, what can you do [...]

The Masiello Employment Challenge: Share Why You’re Keen on Keene

Admit it: You’ve Googled your name to see the content of the results. Here at Masiello Employment, we did the same recently, only not with our name, but with our hometown of Keene, New Hampshire. It’s no secret that we love living and working here. We’re keen on Keene because it offers a fine balance [...]

Masiello Employment’s Guide to Phone Interview Preparation

When success calls, you’d better answer. And be fully prepared! We at Masiello Employment know all about phone interviews—and the most important thing to know is that a phone interview is very different from a traditional face-to-face interview. As such, there are different techniques for prepping and executing a phone interview. In this issue, we [...]

Summertime is Hot for Jobs!

Everyone can use a little extra cash. And as summertime rolls around, seasonal work gets hot! With the good New England weather comes lots of local tourism here in New Hampshire, and with it comes short-term jobs. So, if you need a little boost in your pocketbook, why not consider a summertime temp or seasonal [...]

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Spring Clean Your Professional Presence!

Let’s be realistic; warm weather is on the way and you’re about to get so busy you’ll probably start to forget what day it is! We’re talking jam-packed schedules full of beach days, summer vacations, and precious, long days of endless summer fun. The last thing you are going to find time to do is [...]

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Masiello Employments Hiring Trends to Watch, 2017 Edition

Every year that passes brings about new changes to the hiring landscape. While most employment and hiring processes generally stay the same, the speed of technology seems to keep everyone hopping on the hiring and recruiting side. With more automation and technology based recruiting tools, we’ve come a long way since the days of mailing [...]

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10 Simple Resolutions for Your Job Search.

No matter if you are working currently or in between jobs, it is important to be at the ready when it comes to your job search. In the spirit of making New Year’s Resolutions to mark the coming year, here are ten quick and dirty things you can do, today, to keep yourself up to [...]

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