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//Jobs in New Hampshire

Mother’s Day Means Flowers: The Marlborough Greenhouse Story.

Blue sky and sunshine, coffee and cream. Some things go together naturally. The same goes for Mother’s Day and flowers – some of the most beautiful spring arrangements grace dining tables of Mom’s across the country. However, did you know that one of our clients right here in the Monadnock region works hard every year [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Onsite Job Fair! Mr. Smarty Pants will be there, will you?

In this week’s blog, we would like to offer a cordial invitation to an onsite job fair we will be hosting with one of our local partners, Plumb Pak, located in Winchester. Anyone who may be looking for work or who just wants to learn more about open positions at Plumb Pak is welcome to [...]

Looking for Seasonal Jobs? Look no Further than Masiello Employment!

Everyone can use a little extra cash for the holidays. That is simply a fact. It is the one time of the year when more is always better! So, if you need a little boost in your pocketbook, why not consider a Seasonal Job? Seasonal  jobs are terrific for many individuals. The work is often [...]

Your Skills are in High Demand!

New Hampshire is in a bit of a predicament – we have a large number of employers with an even larger number of open jobs, and what appears to be an overall lack of employees to fill them. Unemployment rates are extremely low (2.9%) and most workers who want to work are able to find [...]

Stay, Work, and Play – New Hampshire

New Hampshire is unique, with a long history of independent thought, politics, and a conservative Yankee spirit, the state is known for being slightly different. “Live Free or Die” as we say. And in the true spirit of being just slightly off center – we also have a unique labor problem. See, most of New [...]

Keene, NH, a Best-Kept Secret Worth Sharing?

As we have discussed in prior blogs, our home base of Keene, NH is, quite simply, a great place to be. We have fun in the summertime, sponsor and participate in some great community events, have historic running races, international film festivals, and, of course, Pumpkin Festivals including new family oriented events, the Monadnock Fall [...]

Running for History – the Clarence Demar Marathon.

Fall is fast approaching and with it comes a longstanding running tradition here in the Keene area – the Clarence Demar Marathon. With it comes a rich history of running both locally and around the world. Since 1978 the running race has been a staple series for athletes around the Monadnock region. The race was [...]

Happy 4th! Independence Day job seeking tips

With a flurry of shimmering colors in the night sky, the traditional Fourth of July Celebration kicks off the official start of Summer in New England. We are pretty sure the last frost of the year has passed and look forward to warm, humid days and cool swimming holes in our future. So what do [...]

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Online Resources to Sharpen Your Skills!

New Hampshire's economy can be fickle at times, with some opportunities being cyclical or seasonal, often based solely on the rhythms of Mother Nature. This type of job could include logging, working at a ski resort, or working at local schools and colleges that have summer vacation. Seasonal employment is just a part of the [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Work with Masiello Employment.

1. We give back. More than just a staffing agency, we like to think of ourselves as a community resource, doing good things and working with good people, we perpetuate our business by ‘playing it forward.’ 2. We’re neither too big nor too small. Don’t expect a sea of recruiters who won’t remember your name. [...]

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