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1st Shift Production Worker (Candidate ID: 65372)

Are you seeking a temporary employee for the spring/summer? If so, our candidate is looking for 1st or 2nd shift opportunities in the Peterborough/Keene/Jaffrey/Marlborough area while he is on break from college. He is an arts student who has experience in gardening and landscape management and has also worked in multiple kitchens. He considers himself [...]

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Production Supervisor (Candidate ID: 65316)

If you are seeking a highly experienced Production Supervisor, our candidate is available for full-time, 1st shift positions anywhere between Brattleboro, VT and Greenfield, NH. He has nearly 15 years of experience in various production management roles with many accomplishments along the way. He feels his strong suit is his ability to coach while increasing [...]

Warehouse Associate (Candidate ID: 58089)

We are working with a candidate who has great warehouse experience and is seeking new 1st shift opportunities within a 30-minute drive of Brattleboro, VT. He is skilled in operating a forklift and manual pallet jacks and is capable of lifting up to 50 lbs. and being on his feet throughout a shift. He considers [...]

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Temporary Production Worker (Candidate ID: 62601)

Our candidate is seeking short-term, 1st shift opportunities in the Brattleboro/Hinsdale/Bellows Falls area where he can fill the time before his landscaping business picks back up. He previously worked in a temporary role within a warehouse where he did picking, packing, and preparing items for shipping. He considers himself a quick learner, detail oriented, and [...]

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Tool Maker (Candidate ID: 65000)

We are working with a great candidate who has extensive experience as a Toolmaker and CNC Machine Operator. He has great longevity, strong mechanical ability, and has achieved some great accomplishments in his many years with his prior two employers. He considers himself a team player, loyal, very positive and good with people. He is [...]

CNC Operator (Candidate ID: 27185)

If you are seeking a skilled CNC Operator, we have your candidate! He has about 10 years of experience running various machines including CNC machines, press brakes, grinders, and manual machines. He can read blueprints and has strong mechanical abilities. Many of his roles required him to troubleshoot and adjust machines as needed. He considers [...]

Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 64799)

Our mechanical engineering candidate is a fairly recent graduate who has some good hands-on experience from his time spent at a local manufacturing business. There, he was involved in the development and manufacture of polymer-based liner systems and improved the control systems for cycles associated with the manufacturing process. He considers himself a driven employee [...]

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Machine Operator (Candidate ID: 62528)

Our Machine Operator candidate worked for many years in the packaging industry and finally decided his commute was too far and left his position there hoping to find something closer to home. While he worked as a Machine Operator, he also filled in and helped out in the warehouse on many occasions and has experience [...]

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Warehouse Manager (Candidate ID: 64402)

We recently started working with a candidate whose skills, drive, and proven record of hard work will land him in a position in no time. He has been with the same company for several years, moving up into various roles with more responsibility. His roles have included Project Analyst, Warehouse Operations Project Manager, and Shift [...]

Machinist (Candidate ID: 62869)

We are working with a candidate who is highly adept at skilled manufacturing and who is currently seeking 1st and 2nd shift opportunities in Keene. While working for the same company for 20 years, he ran a drill press and CNC, and performed finish work which included cleaning the metals and sandblasting by machine and [...]