Employee FAQs

Welcome to Masiello Employment Services

We are proud to have you as a Masiello Employment Services representative in the field. Please explore our website, our FAQs and the following information including forms and reference materials.

Timecards – Tracking my weekly time

You will be entering your time worked into our timecard portal.  You should have received an email from Masiello Employmnet that prompts you to create your account.  Instructions (both written and video) are included in this section, along with some FAQs (frequently asked questions).  Should you have any additional questions or need assistance with your timecards, please contact your local Staffing Manager.  Thank you!

Written Instructions: Electronic Timecard Procedures

Sign in to https://timecards.bbo.bullhornstaffing.com/ and click the “forgot password” button and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Log into https://timecards.bbo.bullhornstaffing.com/ and review the “supervisor comments.” Based on what the comments say, please update and resubmit your timecard, or discuss any concerns with your site supervisor or your local Masiello Employment Staffing Manager.

Log into https://timecards.bbo.bullhornstaffing.com/ and click “unsubmit” and proceed with resubmitting your electronic timecard.

Paper timecards are accessible for download below.  Please contact your Staffing Manager if you have questions or need additional information.

Masiello Employment – Time Card

Your timecard is due by 10:00am every Monday morning.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have a variety of questions about working with us.  We have tried to organize the Frequently Asked questions into specific categories (such as Timecards and Payroll information above) to make it easier to find the answer you are looking for.  The FAQs in this section should provide answers to questions that fall outside of Timecards and Payroll information.  However, if you have additional questions please contact your local Staffing Manager and we will be happy to assist in any way.  Thank you! 

Please contact a Staffing Manager at 603.358.1000 or refer to your assignment letter.

Please contact a Staffing Manager at 603.358.1000.

Please contact a Staffing Manager.

Please visit our job board at https://jobs.masemp.com/ or contact a Staffing Manager at your local office.

Please contact your local office and speak with a Staffing Manager.

This is REALLY important. Be sure to contact both your Staffing Manager and your site supervisor immediately. We want you to be taken care of ASAP! Please click here for the contact information for your local Masiello office.

As lousy as you may feel, please be sure to contact your Staffing Manager at  least one hour before your start time. You should also notify the supervisor at the client company where you are working.  Please click here for the contact information for our office.

Please discuss this with your Staffing Manager.

Please don’t forget to inform your Staffing Manager. We don’t want any disruptions to your pay or any confusion with your payroll information. Please click here for the contact information for your office.

Please click here to download a copy of the Employment Guidelines.  If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Staffing Manager for assistance.