Ready to Land a Great New Job? Start by Making a Professional Resume

Making a professional resume is essential for landing your next dream job. Hiring managers can scan through piles of resumes quickly, so optimizing space and words for a clean, easy-to-read format can make the difference between an interview and a brush-off.  Working together with a staffing manager greatly reduces the stress and anxiety throughout a Learn More

Searching for Employment in NH? 8 Soft Skills in High Demand

If you're looking for employment in NH, highlighting your soft skill successes on your resume is a great way to show how you can shine in your next position. And you may be able to reach for positions you may otherwise not have considered. We’re over halfway through 2022 and it's clear that this year, Learn More

How Do Staffing Agencies Help People Get Jobs?

Searching for new employment can be stressful! Updating your resume, identifying potential job opportunities, and sending individual applications devours time and energy. Not hearing back after an interview or not getting that dream job can leave you frustrated and exhausted.  This is all especially true if you’ve been searching for employment for a long time Learn More

Employment Gaps Are Not Always a Red Flag

Elizabeth left her administrative assistant position to care for and remote school her three children. Seth’s role at a manufacturing company was eliminated when the company lost too much revenue. Ronnie was unable to remain at her workplace due to a pre-existing condition that required her to limit possible exposure.  In a job market that’s Learn More

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Masiello Employment’s Guide to Good Luck Charms for Job Hunters

We at Masiello Employment are serious—very serious—about our role in your job search. We’re experts in our field and we’ll help you in every way we can to land your dream job, from developing a stellar resume to honing your interview skills. Today, though, with lucky St. Patrick’s Day approaching soon, we’re lightening the mood Learn More