We at Masiello Employment are serious—very serious—about our role in your job search. We’re experts in our field and we’ll help you in every way we can to land your dream job, from developing a stellar resume to honing your interview skills.

Today, though, with lucky St. Patrick’s Day approaching soon, we’re lightening the mood with Masiello Employment’s Guide to Good Luck Charms for Job Hunters. Sure, these may fall under the “alternative ideas” category, but—like any good superstition—they can sometimes be just the (invisible!) force you need to take that next, job-securing step. So here we go – fingers crossed!

Wear Your Lucky Wardrobe

In general, blue is seen as a cool, calm, and confident color—certainly three attributes that would appeal to an interviewer. To boost your chances of having a successful interview (and first day at your new job!) try wearing shades of blue.

Flirt with Feng Shui

This ancient Chinese art shares the belief that your immediate, everyday environment impacts your life. When it comes to searching for a job, Feng Shui would say that living in a space with a lot of clutter distracts from your goals, acts as a roadblock to your success, and causes you to be less productive. So tidy up your living space, and open up your life to new possibilities.

 Settle on a Superstition

There are lots of luck-improving superstitions—all you have to do is pick one that’s right for you! Here are a few of our favorites, from destinations around the world: Buy a genuine four-leaf clover or a horseshoe. Look for a heads-up penny. Say the word “rabbit” before getting out of bed on the first day of each month. Look at the moon over your right shoulder. Hang a braided rope of garlic in your house. Look for the number eight throughout the day.

Eat “Right”

Every New Year’s Day, different cultures eat foods meant to inspire good luck through the coming year. But why relegate this ritual to one day? Instead, inspire good luck anytime with foods like greens, for luck; pork or black-eyed peas, for prosperity; lentils, for good fortune; pomegranate, for abundance; and fish, for the ability to move forward.

Cue the Crystals

There are many who believe that crystals influence energy, making them an ideal partner in your job search. Green Aventurine, for example, can attract your dream job; Lapis Lazuli can help you ace your job interview; Labradorite can foster a smooth transition into your new role, and Lemon Aura Quartz can secure your new working relationship. Don’t believe in crystal energy? No worries, any favorite polished stone or piece of granite works just the same.

Make Karma Happy

When something bad happens, some blame Karma. Well, if Karma does something bad to us when we do something bad, wouldn’t the opposite be true? Assuming it is, go out of your way to do right by other people, from a simple act of kindness (holding the door for a stranger) to dedicating a lot of time volunteering at a charity you admire—so Karma smiles down on you.

Look for Luck

In testing the theory of luck, a five dollar bill was left in a store doorway, and researchers noted that those who identified themselves as “lucky” were more likely to notice the money than those who said they weren’t lucky. Lesson learned? “Luck” might just be another word for “attentiveness”—so be aware of all the good, and good jobs, around you.

Do you have a favorite good luck charm? Let us know! And now let’s get serious again: Masiello Employment is here to help you find your perfect job—just give our recruiting team a call.