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Skilled Manufacturing (Candidate ID: 60650)

We are working with a candidate who has several years of experience as an Automotive and Engineering Technician. In his current role, he performs scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs on plant equipment and machinery. He is currently seeking full-time, 2nd shift opportunities in the Winchester/Hinsdale/Brattleboro/Bernardson/Greenfield/Keene area. He considers himself punctual and dependable, and his references [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 51510)

Are you looking for a candidate with a great deal of experience operating and programming CNC Lathes and Multi-Access Machines? We are working with a candidate who describes himself as someone with good people skills and considers himself an excellent problem solver. He has recently held contract positions as a Manufacturing Engineer, using his extensive [...]

Production Supervisor (Candidate ID: 5066)

Is your facility in need of a Director or an Operations Manager with strong experience working towards high quality standards? Our candidate is ASQ certified and has extensive knowledge of ISO standards, Lean Manufacturing, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices. He has an associate degree in applied science and many years of supervisory and hands-on [...]

Operations Manager (Candidate ID: 60571)

Our candidate is new to the area and is seeking full-time opportunities within 30 minutes of Keene, NH. He has been a business owner in the past and spent 14 years in the Navy. His business style is to never ask someone to do something he wouldn’t do himself. He is driven, professional, and has [...]

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Project Manager (Candidate ID: 60503)

Our candidate has great longevity, having spent over 20 years with his last employer, the last several of which as a Scrum Master. He has extensive testing experience with software and components and considers himself a good communicator who enjoys helping people and has a strong eye for detail. He is currently seeking a full-time, [...]

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Project Manager (Candidate ID: 60372)

We are working with a candidate who has a bachelor’s degree in architecture, extensive computer skills, and several years of experience managing projects. In her current role, she works for a construction company, managing site projects and working with crews and owners or developers to ensure scope of projects is being met. She is a [...]

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Electro-Mechanical Assembler (Candidate ID: 60227)

In our candidate’s most recent role, he worked as an Instrumentation Technician where he performed maintenance, calibrations, and troubleshooting of complex electronics, systems and instruments in highly regulated and sterile manufacturing environments. He is educated as an Aviation Mechanic and spent three years as an Avionics Technician. He is skilled in working with CNC machines [...]

EHS Specialist (Candidate ID: 60351)

We are working with a Safety Manager candidate who is looking to relocate to the Greenfield, MA area upon securing new employment. She has a wealth of safety and production experience and excels at going into difficult situations and working with the team to develop a culture of safety. She feels she is a born [...]

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Extrusion Technician (Candidate ID: 59987)

We are working with a candidate who has extensive machine operator and assembler experience. Currently, he is an Extrusion Technician, operating and maintaining the machinery, performing necessary process control and quality checks, and following production scheduling. In his prior role of 16 years, he performed assembly and machine operation. He is seeking full-time, 1st shift [...]

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Logistics Manager (Candidate ID: 59953)

Our skilled candidate has a great deal of logistics experience as well as a bachelor’s degree in international business/logistics and transportation. His most recent position ended when the company lost their contract and he was the only on-site employee. He is currently completing a 10-day training course in compassionate communication and will be looking for [...]

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