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Inventory Manager (Candidate ID: 30583)

We are working with a candidate we placed back in 2012 in a role that was recently phased out. In that role, he was responsible for supervising, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, vendor contact, pricing and QC. He was also FDA-compliance certified. He feels he is a quick learner, adaptable, and likes a challenge. He is currently [...]

Facilities Technician (Candidate ID: 38227)

Our candidate has a strong background as a Maintenance Technician and Field Service Manager. In a recent role as an Equipment Systems Technician, he responsible for maintaining machinery to make sure they ran at peak performance. Prior to that, he was a Service Manager who worked with customers to resolve issues. His references state he [...]

Quality Control Manager (Candidate ID: 63900)

If you are looking for a candidate with great longevity and strong mechanical ability, contact us today! Our candidate is new to the area and is looking for 1st shift skilled manufacturing positions. He has many years of experience as a Quality Control Manager, responsible for receiving, all incoming material inspection, and managing personnel. He [...]

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Machinist (Candidate ID: 36861)

Do you need a skilled CNC Machinist for your facility? Our candidate has nearly 10 years of experience in CNC machine operation, performing lathe, milling, and vertical turning. He is formerly fork truck certified, first aid certified, an environmental health and safety team member, and skilled in reading blueprints. He is looking for full-time, TTH [...]

Maintenance Manager (Candidate ID: 62236)

Our Facilities Manager candidate has about 20+ years of Maintenance Engineering management experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree as well as certificates for mechanical heating, refrigeration, pneumatic controls and Auto CAD. He presented well in his interview and shared that he can work with anyone, believes everyone is on the same level, and that he [...]

Machine Technician (Candidate ID: 63530)

Our dedicated manufacturing candidate has been with the same organization for nearly 20 years, performing in roles such as Production Assembler, Area Technician, and, most recently, Line Technician. He sets up and runs production machines, conducts print and seal checks, troubleshoots and repairs machines, and performs some electrical maintenance. He is seeking 1st shift, full-time [...]

Certified Welding Inspector (Candidate ID: 59587)

If you’re looking for a highly skilled Welding Specialist with experience in machine and manual welding processes, we have just the candidate for you! He recently obtained his CWI certification and has been performing quality control functions and providing welding training and administered welding tests to fellow welders. He is currently looking for a new [...]

Production Supervisor

We are working with a managerial candidate who is seeking full-time positions on any shift within the Brattleboro/Keene/Hinsdale/Greenfield area. He has nearly 15 years of experience in various production and warehouse supervisory roles and has achieved several great accomplishments during that time. He considers himself a professional, self-motivated problem solver who has great time management [...]

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Senior Quality Associate (Candidate ID: 63176)

We are working with a candidate who has current and prior experience in quality control, mechanical engineering, and CMM programming. She is now relocating to the Keene area and is seeking 1st shift, full-time opportunities in mechanical engineering in the general area. She considers herself a strong communicator who has expertise in blueprint interpretation and [...]