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Here We Grow Again!

Masiello Employment Services has a small but dedicated recruiting team who have been successfully serving the Monadnock Region for over 35 years. With new challenges and opportunities on the horizon in 2020 and beyond, we are excited to have some exciting new employee news to share! For starters, we’d like to extend a big congratulations [...]

We’re Hosting a Hoedown for the Next Business After Hours!

Masiello Employment Throws a Wild West Themed Hoedown for the Next Greater Keene Chamber Business After Hours! We at Masiello Employment are all super excited to be the hosts of the September 18th Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours – and boy, do we have some fun in store for our local businesses [...]

Top 4 Temp-tations

During your job search, it’s important to stay open to all the employment opportunities that come your way — specifically, temp work. In the many years Masiello Employment has helped people find jobs, we’ve noticed a certain reluctance to taking temporary work during the search for a permanent position. Don’t be scared! Here’s the thing: [...]

Dress for Success: Work Attire Do’s and Don’ts.

2019 is shaping up to be the year of the individual, and the way people choose to dress is one way they can choose to express their identity. Gone are the days when everyone wears the same suit, tie, and slacks. From exercise attire to comfy, cozy loungewear and sporty beach wear, our clothing and [...]

Masiello Employment’s Holiday Placement Challenge

It's On! The Holidays are a crazy time for staffing, and one could easily argue that it is a crazy time for everything! However, the team at Masiello Employment is ready to power through the holiday stress and keep our eye on the prize – finding our employers the best workers and candidates the best [...]

Interview 101: Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Some people consider sitting for an interview like sitting on the witness stand in court, tasked only with answering a series of questions. But the truth is that an interview should be more of a conversation, a two-way exchange with you answering some questions and asking others. We at Masiello Employment have assisted many people [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Top 8 Bad-Work-Day Antidotes

We’ve all had them: those days that just don’t seem to go your way. You know - the workday blues. Lucky for you, Masiello Employment is here to help you put an end to those off days by presenting our trusty top 8 bad-work-day antidotes to turn that tired energy around! Try these sure-fire cures [...]

The Call: How to Ace the Phone Interview

Ring. Ring. It’s success calling! We at Masiello Employment know all about phone interviews—and the most important thing to know is that a phone interview is very different from a traditional face-to-face interview. As such, there are different techniques for prepping and executing a phone interview. In an earlier post, we covered how to best [...]

Highlighting Your Transferable Skills

Let’s face it, resume writing is not a top priority on anyone’s lengthy ‘to do’ list. It is not something anyone looks forward to, enjoys, or gets excited about – but it is something that must be done – and done well if you want to land the best job possible. Perhaps we can inspire [...]

Masiello Employment’s Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares: Gossip Edition

“Have you heard…?” Many of us spend 40+ hours a week with our co-workers, and all that together-time leads to a type of familiarity that may occasionally blur the line between what is and what is not appropriate for the workplace. Enter gossip—that is, a casual conversation typically involving details about the lives of other [...]