How to Reduce the Stigma Around Mental Health and the Workplace

According to One Medical, around 64% of all workers in the United States struggle with mental health. 91% of those workers say their struggles affect their productivity. Unfortunately, one of the reasons mental health and the workplace have been addressed so little is the stigma surrounding these issues. The stigma comes from pre-held attitudes toward Learn More

5 Examples of How to Lead the Way with Mental Health in the Work Place

It’s 2024, and it’s been four years since a global pandemic catalyzed dramatic changes in our work landscape. Employees continue to report high levels of stress, fatigue, and overwhelm. But is it work-related? Should mental health in the work place be a priority? And what are companies doing about it? According to the National Alliance Learn More

Want to Know Why Some Companies Are Amazing at Retaining Employees?

We’ve all heard about “The Great Resignation,” “Quiet-Quitting,” and “Act Your Wage.” Here’s the truth of it. There is dramatic turnover in the United States. Employees simply aren’t staying on at their companies. Why? Are they just quitting because they don’t like to work? Not the case. There is more to retaining employees than simply Learn More