Make Holiday Magic By Supporting Local Stores This Season

It’s official! The Holiday Shopping Season has begun! Though we all have that friend who plans ahead and purchases presents throughout the year, most of us consider the time between the two big holidays as prime time for present shopping. And the big box stores know it.  While it may be tempting to shop Black Learn More

Try These Unique Appreciation Ideas for Employees that Your Team Will Love

When it comes to acts of appreciation, they can be shouted from the rooftops for all to hear or even jotted down a sticky note next to the computer. The important thing is, no matter how large or small your appreciation ideas for employees, the more you show gratitude, the more your company culture will Learn More

3 Advantages of Southern New Hampshire Jobs and Why They’re In Demand

It’s tempting to think of New Hampshire as stereotypically rural. Small towns, scenic commons, winding country roads, bucolic farms, tall pine forests, and mountains stretching out across the horizon. How could Southern New Hampshire jobs be in-demand? Well, we can think of three reasons!  Did you know the southern part of New Hampshire, below Concord, Learn More

Customer Service Week – How to Celebrate in Your Office!

Customer service is one of the most hands-on roles in any company. These professionals interact directly with customers, answering questions, demonstrating products, and solving problems. The relationship between the customer service representatives and clients is one of the most important that a company can foster.  Good customer service retains client accounts and keeps them returning Learn More

Why Venting About Work = a Toxic Work Environment and How to Avoid It

We all get frustrated at work sometimes. Maybe it was something a coworker said. Or something about the way your manager led that last meeting that had you in a twist. You’ve probably been tempted to vent your frustrations to your coworkers. But the truth is, that can lead to a toxic work environment faster Learn More

Recharging Isn’t Just for Phones: Here’s How to Enhance Workplace Well-Being

Coming out of the pandemic, workplace burnout has been a persistent issue across industries. Back in June, we discussed how to deal with burnout and served up strategies to keep your team afloat. This time around, we’re sharing ideas to curb the problem before it starts by focusing on workplace well-being. It’s about preventing or Learn More

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