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Remote Interviewing Tips – Embracing Technology and the Virtual Interview

Times have changed; there’s no doubt about it. More and more interviews are dealt with ‘remotely,’ via smartphone or computer, leveraging video conference technology. And it is not just because of the current social distancing behaviors related to COVID-19 (please be safe everyone). The fact is – remote interviewing is part of the new normal [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Guide to Avoiding Interview No-Nos

Here at Masiello Employment, we’d love to see every candidate ace every job interview. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few interview-perfecting aces up our collective sleeve! It only takes one significant red flag to turn off an interviewer, so never fall into the trap of getting sloppy with your in-person presentation. After all, you [...]

Ready to Interview? Set Yourself Apart From the Pack!

So you’ve managed to work your way to the interview stage. Score! Be sure to seal the deal by actively researching the company and company culture beforehand, don’t just ‘show up’ and hope for the best. Remember that the position is open to many, your goal is to be the undisputed first choice candidate, to [...]

So, I interviewed. Now what?

It’s done. Finished. Complete. You had your onsite job interview. You probably stressed about it for a few days, and then – just like that -  it was over. So now what? 1). Call your recruiter. Strike while the iron is hot and call your recruiter as soon as humanly possible. Give feedback, your perception [...]