Why Accounting Staffing is One of Our Hottest Specialty Areas Right Now

Whatever industry you’re in, accounting staffing is critical for a company’s financial health. This department controls the ins and outs of how an organization grows and manages its teams, from the hiring process and material orders, right down to payroll. An amazing 1.3 million people work as accountants in this country, and according to U.S. Learn More

HR Manager (Candidate ID: 77438)

Looking for an HR Manager with a great skill set and experience? We have a talented candidate ready for a new opportunity near Peterborough, Jaffrey or Rindge. In previous roles, this professional has managed the employee lifecycle from recruiting and hiring to benefits administration, safety, and payroll. They have a track record of streamlining systems Learn More

HR Manager (Candidate ID: 75800)

Looking for a seasoned HR professional with excellent work history and longevity? We have a fantastic candidate with diverse experience who has done it all! They are fully prepared to handle all aspects of recruiting, benefits administration, employee relations, workers comp and leave management, policy development and implementation, investigations and corrective action, and payroll processing. Learn More

HR and Payroll Manager (Candidate ID: 76155)

Looking for an HR and Payroll Manager that’s nice, professional and great to work with? We have an excellent candidate with strong skills and great longevity potential. They have worked in the field of HR for nearly 15 years and they’re looking for a new role in a team-oriented company. This professional thrives in a Learn More

How To Really Show Up: Go From Temp to Full-Time Hire or Get Promoted

How do you turn a temp job into one with potential for full-time employment? Or get promoted? These choices depend on a business’ plan for growth. But there are also ways to set yourself up for new opportunities. And temp jobs offer a chance to demonstrate your worth for an open position ahead of a Learn More

Human Resources Manager (Candidate ID: 51594)

If you’re hiring for a Human Resources Manager who is eager to take on a new opportunity in one of the area’s many exciting industries, we have the person for you! In their previous role, this candidate handled all aspects of HR, including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, compliance, coaching, corrective action, general employee relations, benefits, FMLA/disability Learn More

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