Most of my family members and friends talk about how much they dislike going to work.  They dread Monday mornings, they hate their boss, they don’t enjoy what they do every day, they don’t feel valued or appreciated and – BIG surprise – every one of them is actively looking for a new job.  Not only does this surprise and sadden me it makes me feel really lucky, because I love my job and enjoy going to work every day.

I am not just saying that because my boss will be reading this…I am saying it because it is true and I believe every person should be lucky enough to say the same thing.

So, why do I love going to work every day?

  • I love what I do.  Sounds simple I know, but if you don’t love what you do, then you are doing the wrong thing.
  • I am surrounded by people who work hard and also love what they do.  The bar is set and the expectations are high.  There is nothing worse than workplace negativity and feeling like your teammates aren’t carrying their weight. However, all you can really control or change is your own behavior.  Carry your own weight, contribute, collaborate and encourage….you will be surprised to see how this raises the bar and how others follow your lead.  Give it a shot, it sure beats being negative about your teammates all the time.
  • We have fun every single day.  It’s true, you can work hard AND have fun.  In fact the two go hand in hand.  We make time to connect as people not just co-workers, we enjoy pot luck meals together, have competitions, listen to beach tunes on Friday afternoons, have filing parties when the work gets backed up, ring a bell when work orders come in and most importantly we laugh and we celebrate all our successes big and small.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, on average we spend 16.2 hours per day either working or sleeping.  If you hate your job, I bet you aren’t sleeping well either.

On average we spend 16.2 hours per day either working or sleeping

So you may be asking “What is the point of this story?”  The number one reason I love what I do is because we help people find great jobs every single day and the good news is we can help you too.   Call Masiello Employment Services today to learn about all of our exciting employment opportunities so you can make the move toward finding a job you love and enjoying every one of the 24 hours in your day.