How to Give Back While Job Networking in Your Community

While looking for a new job can be challenging, there are local opportunities for job networking that also offer the reward of giving back to your community. We often forget that networking does not always need to happen at a job fair or business event. Civic organizations and nonprofit boards are great places to make Learn More

Would Your Posts Pass a Social Media Screening?

Selfies, hashtags and vacation video posts may seem unrelated to your job search, but did you know that 70% of employers now use social media screening to research candidates during the hiring process? More than half of employers surveyed have found posts that led to them not making a job offer.  And, according to the Learn More

How To Research A Potential Employer

You often hear that researching a company you are interviewing with is a big part of preparing for an interview. You might think to yourself, “I already know the company; it’s been in my backyard forever.” Or you may go onto the company’s website, read the “About Us” page, and call it a day. Don’t Learn More

Tips for Following Up After an Interview

You just got out of a job interview and you are feeling incredibly confident.  So much so that you’re just going to sit back, relax and wait for that offer to come rolling in.  Think again. It’s not that simple.  Even if your interview went well, others are interviewing for the same job. Who’s to Learn More

Are You Ready For Your New Job?

You packed up your personal belongings, you went out for farewell drinks, and you said, “Goodbye!” to your co-workers one final time. Why? You landed a new job, of course, and your first day is fast approaching. While you are beyond excited to begin a new journey, stress soon takes over as you think about Learn More

10 Steps to Landing Great References

You’ve reached that crucial point in the hiring process where it’s time to provide a list of references. Are you ready for that moment? Some job-seekers treat references as an afterthought, while others don’t give it any thought. The truth is, like a well-written cover letter or a crucial thank-you note to an interviewer, references need more attention Learn More

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