You just got out of a job interview and you are feeling incredibly confident.  So much so that you’re just going to sit back, relax and wait for that offer to come rolling in. 

Think again. It’s not that simple. 

Even if your interview went well, others are interviewing for the same job. Who’s to say that they’re not feeling as confident as you are? 

One way to stay in the running is to follow up after the interview. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and to be a standout candidate. 

Here are three tips for following up after an interview: 

  • Ask your interviewer about next steps – BEFORE leaving. This question not only lets you know what to expect after the interview is over, but it shows your interviewer genuine interest in the position. Not asking about what comes next might give a prospective employer the impression that you don’t care about the opportunity. 
  • Say “thank you.” A thank-you message after an interview is a great way to keep your name top-of-mind and reiterate your interest in the position.  While an email thank-you message is perfectly acceptable, and sometimes necessary (if you know that a hiring manager is looking to make a decision quick), snail mail adds a nicer touch. Email thank-you messages are perfectly acceptable and may be preferable to a call since hiring managers are usually pretty busy. The important thing to remember with a thank-you note is not to wait.  Be sure to send it no later than two days after the interview. 
  • It’s OK to inquire about an interview if you haven’t heard back. While it’s definitely NOT OK to stalk your interviewer by calling obsessively to find out the status of a job interview, it IS OK to check in – especially if you were given a set time frame for when you were to hear back and haven’t. DO be mindful of your approach. Be friendly and keep your message simple. By no means should you say that they failed to get back to you. Instead, let them know that you are curious about where they are in the hiring process. And it never hurts to reiterate your excitement about the job. 

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