You packed up your personal belongings, you went out for farewell drinks, and you said, “Goodbye!” to your co-workers one final time. Why? You landed a new job, of course, and your first day is fast approaching. While you are beyond excited to begin a new journey, stress soon takes over as you think about everything that comes along with this life change: a new commute, a new set of co-workers, and a new set of job duties, just to name a few. Here’s a check-list to minimize the stress of that first day at the new job and maximize excitement: 

The day before: 

  • Choose your outfit for the next day, which means you need to know the dress code. Ask the question ahead of time so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 
  • Fill up your car’s gas tank and map out the route. 
  • Pack a snack and/or lunch. While your manager will probably take you to lunch, it’s always good to have a back-up plan. 
  • Check that your ID is in your wallet. Your HR department will likely need to see it. 
  • Pack a pad of paper and a pen. Your mind will be overflowing with new information; help it out by writing down whatever you can. 
  • Find out who to ask for when you arrive and what time you should arrive. If you have used a staffing service like Masiello Employment, ask them to find out. 
  • Make sure you set your alarm and get a good night’s sleep! 

The morning of the big day: 

  • Wake up early enough so you don’t feel rushed. 
  • Have a good breakfast. 
  • Remember to bring: 
    • Your ID 
    • snack and/or lunch 
    • pad of paper and pen 
  • Leave 30 minutes early, allowing yourself enough time to arrive with time to spare even if you hit traffic. 

When you arrive: 

  • Smile and be friendly. Be prepared to exchange small talk and not your life story to everyone you meet. 
  • Ask questions and take notes. Asking questions and taking notes show you are paying attention. 
  • Accept the lunch invitation from your new boss or co-workers, if extended. 
  • Relax. It’s your first day, after all! Forgive yourself when you can’t remember everyone’s names or the way to the bathroom. 

Starting a new job should be filled with excitement, not nervous jitters. Proper planning will help you arrive on time, in the right outfit and armed with everything you need so you can make your first impression a good one.