How you approach the time you spend between jobs absolutely determines whether your experience is favorable or not.

And, trust us, your between-jobs time can be positive.

We at Masiello Employment understand that unemployment fosters anxiety and uncertainty, and we know it’s easy to let those emotions guide the way through this time. However, we encourage you to see your circumstances in a different, much-brighter light.

After all, worry does nothing to help. As long as you’re doing what you can to find a job, it’s wise to give yourself a break, even pampering yourself whenever possible to keep your mind rested and ready for action when the time is right.

With that in mind, here are a few Masiello Employment-approved ways to up your downtime:

  1. Get Outside. It’s summer and the warm weather beckons. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D when you take a walk or a hike, play basketball at the park, go fishing, or swing in a hammock. Also, never pass up an invitation to a pool party or BBQ—or host your own if you can!
  1. Take a Nap. Looking for a job is the hardest job there is, so take a nap whenever you need one. And, here’s the key: do so without any guilt.
  1. Meet a Friend for Lunch. Pick a favorite place. Turn off your phone. And reconnect.
  1. Volunteer. See your extra time as a gift you can share with all those less fortunate than you. Think traditional options (walk dogs from the shelter, help build homes for those in need) and think outside the box as well (check in on elderly neighbors, greet soldiers heading away or returning home.)
  1. Spend More Time with Family. If you have a spouse and/or children, this is a tremendous bonding opportunity. Take over some of the chores relegated to your significant other, bring the kids to camp, play board games, make dinner. You get the idea. And be honest and upfront with them. Admit that it’s a challenge to be between jobs but that you’re doing your best to stay positive and that your family is a big reason why you’re getting through this time with a smile on your face (bonus point for a laugh at your lips).
  1. Tackle Your To-Do List. Now’s the time to make a serious dent in your to-do list, from re-painting the bathroom to fixing the garage door opener. You’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment with every job you finish and cross off the list.
  1. Travel. It might seem counter-intuitive to travel when you’re between jobs but, as long as you’ve got a travel fund, it might be the best time for you to explore. After all, you’re not limited by official vacation days.
  1. Talk to Somebody. If you find you can’t shake the blues, reach out to someone for help. This can be a trusted friend, a family member, or a professional. Everyone can relate to what it’s like to be looking for a job, so there’s no need for shame or embarrassment.

Finding the right job often comes down to who you know. And lucky you, you know Masiello Employment. Our recruiting team is here for a free consultation; just give us a call.