Hi, I'm the new guy.Welcoming a new employee is more than simply making a company announcement and a manager assignment. Making a new employee feel welcome will lead to the best possibility of integrating someone successfully into your company. This involves much more than someone accepting your job offer.

The impression a new employee forms during the on-boarding time period and the first few days with your company will have an enormous impact on their feeling about your organization. It is well worth your time and attention to make a new employee’s welcoming both positive and exciting.

A thoughtful new hire orientation will engage your new employee right from the start and can reduce turnover, saving an organization thousands of dollars. One reason people change jobs is because they never feel like part of the organization they join. The most important principle to convey during an orientation is your commitment to continuous improvement and continual learning. This allows your new employee to become comfortable with asking questions in order to obtain the information they need to learn, problem solve, and grow within your organization.

Here are some tips to prepare for your new employee’s first day: 

  • Be excited and upbeat with them and let them know you are glad to have them “joining the team”.
  • Be sure to give a tour of the office building and/or department they will be working in.
  • Introduce your new employee right away to co-workers, upper management and anyone they will be in regular contact with. This allows them to immediately start building relationships with team mates.
  • Have someone designated as a “go to person” or mentor.
  • Offer someone to be a “lunch buddy” on the first day to relieve them of feeling uncomfortable sitting alone in a break room. This should be someone that will be working with or training the new employee.
  • Be sure they know where office supplies are so they are able to organize and set up their work station comfortably.

Make sure that the on boarding schedule fills only part of each day so that your new employee can feel productive immediately in his or her new job. Check in frequently to see how they feel things are going and ask if they have questions. Above all have a positive and friendly attitude.

First impressions are not only important for the employer but also the employee. Making your new employee feel welcome and comfortable from day one can lead to a long and happy working relationship!