Proud to be a loserThis past Fall our President, Jason Chagnon, decided to go on a health and wellness kick and started exercising, eating healthy and shedding some unwanted pounds.  He was even tracking his daily calorie intake and exercise on MyFitnessPal. He was feeling so good he wanted to share the experience and include our whole company in his new found healthy habits.

As a result we launched the first ever Masiello Employment Services Weight Loss Challenge.  We formed 3 teams: The Keene Team, The Northampton Team and the Corporate Team.  We are using the honor system and recording our weight weekly through a confidential on-line form on our company Intranet.  Over the 12-week challenge, teams are being judged based on percentage of weight lost, not on total pounds lost.  Just over 6 weeks into the challenge Jason also announced each member of the winning team will receive their very own Apple iPad, talk about motivation!!

Throughout this challenge we have each individually lost weight, but what is more remarkable is what we have collectively gained.  What started as a employee wellness initiative has turned into a priceless team building experience.  The individual work groups are bonding and have become stronger, employee morale is up, teams are enjoying a little healthy competition and most importantly people are smiling, laughing and having fun.  So if you want a happier, healthier team, consider starting your own company weight loss challenge and let us know how it goes.  We will happily share your success stories on our Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

While losing weight is a good thing, losing a key employee is not.  If you want our happy and healthy team to help you lighten your workload, give us a call today.  Masiello Employment can help with more than just staffing.  If you are having morale issues or want to launch a wellness or safety program, call us – we can help for free!