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Securing the right top talent to fill your company’s staffing needs has perhaps the biggest impact on your business’ success. The people who fill your halls are at the core of our business. Yet, companies often overlook the potential benefits of using a certified, professional staffing agency.

The team at Masiello Employment Services has been assisting client companies, like yours, for over 35 years. We are experts at connecting local talent to businesses all over the Monadnock Region, Southern Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. 

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We are also American Staffing Association Certified and take time to understand your individual staffing goals. Our Staffing Managers advertise, source, screen and vet all candidates to present you with highly qualified applicants. Need more reasons to benefit by partnering with a professional staffing agency? Here are our top 5.

When You are Frustrated by High Employee Turnover

Whatever the reason, high employee turnover indicates your hires are frequently not a good fit for your open positions. Employing an under or overqualified individual eventually spells job dissatisfaction and costs your company time and resources. 

Solid candidates should be able to take on the job handily but have room to grow. To achieve this, understanding people is key. Our Staffing Managers take joy in thoroughly getting to know our qualified candidates. Then we find them positions where they can thrive. 

If You’ve Been Sifting Through Sand 

When you have a desk full of resumes and still can’t find that perfect next employee, it’s time to try a staffing agency. It’s true that finding qualified job seekers can be hard and time-consuming. We can lighten the load while presenting you with hand-picked candidates. We have a ready database of not only resumes but vetted individuals. Each one has been interviewed thoroughly to understand their skills and qualifications.


When Temp Jobs Ease Staffing Burdens

If you think temporary staffing options could benefit you, it’s a perfect time to use a staffing agency. Temporary hires are given a trial period before being offered full-time employment. This allows both the company and the individual time to understand one another’s potential. 

When a temp hire is taken on full-time, it’s much more likely they will stay long-term. Temp positions also relieve staffing crunches. These can happen in situations like leaves of absence, extra staffing for a busy season, or getting a time-sensitive task done quickly. 

In a Tight Job Market

Today, we are experiencing a very tight job market. When it’s hard to even get one resume and job vacancies are costing your company, it’s smart to partner with the professionals. Benefit from our years of experience and stop being stumped by a tough-to-fill job. The right candidate is out there; you just need to know where to look.   

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If You’re Filling a Position We Specialize In

Working with Masiello is particularly beneficial if you are hiring within one of our specialty areas. 

Office & Administrative: A smooth-running office works like a machine. We can boost your business’ productivity simply by connecting you to top local office admin talent. 

Accounting & Finance: Along with having the right staff, a company’s finances are crucial to success. Hiring highly skilled accounting and finance team members makes all the difference.

Light Industrial: From start to finish, having a reliable team on your manufacturing line keeps your company on deadline.

Skilled Manufacturing: Every day, we make connections for skilled, experienced workers and highly desirable companies. 

When it comes to gaining the advantages of a staffing agency, there is no wrong time to connect. We can tap into our extensive network of local, qualified job seekers on demand. So don’t let another day go by before enhancing your hiring with the professionals. Work with us today!