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Masiello Employment Services Earns WRC Certification

Masiello Employment Services, Inc. announced today that they have now been awarded Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC). The WRC program recognizes staffing companies that practice best in class risk management to reduce workplace injuries and related costs. WRC certified companies maintain that a focus on safety and risk management protects their employees while offering a [...]

Unlock the Past, Protect the Future

By James Wyatt Brannock Jr. and Kelly G. Verberg Corporate scandal. Workplace violence. Security threats. These issues loom large in the minds of employees and employers alike. More than 60% of employees say that feeling safe at work is a priority in job satisfaction, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. In addition, SHRM [...]

101 Ideas for Getting the Employees You Want

Anticipate staffing needs. Target messages to a specific type of candidate. Understand the needs of targeted candidates, and appeal to their needs. Investigate the possibility of employing older workers. Workers with disabilities may be a target market segment that will help meet your staffing needs. […]

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10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Handbook

I recently did some research on the subject of employee handbooks and I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the information available emphasizes the importance of a handbook not being a book of policies and rules.  It helped me realize that the reason most businesses avoid getting a handbook is because that is exactly what they [...]

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