How to Reduce the Stigma Around Mental Health and the Workplace

According to One Medical, around 64% of all workers in the United States struggle with mental health. 91% of those workers say their struggles affect their productivity. Unfortunately, one of the reasons mental health and the workplace have been addressed so little is the stigma surrounding these issues. The stigma comes from pre-held attitudes toward Learn More

3 Tempting Ways to Get Your Team Outside in the Town of Brattleboro

The arrival of summer can mean mental checkout time for employees who have busy schedules and a natural longing to be outdoors. We’ve waited all winter long, and now, with the sun shining, it’s often hard to concentrate on the task at hand. But why not encourage a blend of both? The town of Brattleboro, Learn More

Is It Valuable to Make Friends at Work? YES, and here’s why.

Is it valuable to have friends at work? The answer is a resounding YES! The workday is a huge part of our lives, and spending that time alone may not be healthy for our social skills or our workflow. How do you play a positive role in a positive company culture? How does it benefit Learn More