Inclusive Hiring

In recent weeks, Masiello Employment Services has been presenting our “Creative Staffing Solutions” series. We want to support businesses in finding and keeping talent in this tight job market. We know how hard talent searches can be. It’s our job to shine a light on the creative corners of the job market. Let’s explore how an inclusive hiring strategy can be a game changer when it comes to your next recruit. 

So far, we’ve covered hiring recent college and high school graduates, veterans and seniors. Our dedicated Staffing Managers connect talent with temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities every day. So, we understand how to match company staffing needs with qualified job seekers. 

We’ve got a great way to round out this inspiring blog series. Individuals with disabilities are a largely untapped pool of talent and skills. This tremendous resource may produce your next star employee.

Every day, these individuals make valuable contributions to organizations across the country. Yet companies often overlook them as potential hires. Don’t make that mistake and miss out on this talent pool. Let’s explore the many ways your business can benefit from embracing diversity and inclusivity.

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An inclusive hiring approach can benefit your bottom line.

Did you know many big businesses, such as CVS and Microsoft, have benefited from improved bottom lines after adopting an inclusive hiring strategy? The fixed thinking that often prevents companies from hiring people with different abilities also costs them advantages. Many inclusive companies report that the change in the workplace culture results in “friendlier dealings with customers, higher loyalty towards their employer, and more consistent performance” as detailed by Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

Hiring employees with disabilities may also result in low turnover rates. Often, they prefer long-term, reliable work situations. This is a key factor in this tight job market when replacing staff is even harder than normal. And, it’s expensive. A report by the Work’s Institute shared that on average, it costs companies $15,000 every time someone hands in their notice. Instead, consider an employee who will leverage their talents for your company well into the future.

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Disability is diversity.

Encouraging a culture of inclusion benefits company morale. Deloitte released a report explaining that staff who enjoyed inclusion in their workplace through diversity believed their employers to be “high-performing organizations.” Double down on your diverse company culture by supporting paths for career advancement for all individuals.

When a company culture improves, clients take notice. Being a company with strong ethics and morals shows social responsibility. It connects your business to the larger community. Your reputation feeds back into your business by increasing your customer base. Hiring individuals with disabilities then doubly benefits your business. It promotes a positive work environment and a strong company standing. 

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Neurodiversity can offer a competitive edge.

For instance, the technology industry has hugely benefited from individuals who excel at pattern recognition, mathematics and memory. According to Harvard Business Review, many neurodiverse individuals have “higher than average abilities.” The sky’s the limit for businesses who understand how to make the most of their biggest asset, their people. 

It’s smart business to expand your consumer base.

It’s true that people with disabilities account for one of the largest consumer market segments. One of the most effective ways to show your business’s dedication to diversity is with your hires. When clients and consumers see companies modeling strong ethics, they are more likely to support them.  

The U.S. tax system promotes inclusion hiring practices.

Your company may qualify for federal or state programs for tax deductions and financial incentives through your hiring choices. Federal tax programs include Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Disabled Access Credit and Barrier Removal Tax Deduction. There are also tax credit programs for businesses hiring veterans with service-related disabilities

Diverse workplace

The U.S. Department of Labor breaks down the statistics for employers who support hiring individuals with a disability as a strategy in their staffing. These companies boast a 90 percent increase in retention of valued employees, a 72 percent increase in employee productivity and a 45 percent increase in workplace safety. That’s a big reward for thinking outside the box when it comes to your next hire. 

We want your business to thrive and that means securing and keeping top talent. Don’t overlook potential qualified candidates for your next hire. Let the experienced Staffing Managers offer new ideas and support in your candidate search. Contact us today for smart staffing answers that can help your business grow and succeed.