Hire High School Graduates

Have you had a hard time filling positions in this tight labor market? Beyond the news and job statistics, the Staffing Managers from Masiello Employment Services have their ears to the ground. So it’s no surprise that securing talent for your next position is easier when you partner with industry experts like us. 

We are experienced in searching for talent in unexpected places to help you find your next great hire. We love working with client companies to streamline their staffing issues and create smart solutions. 

It’s no secret that creativity, flexibility and innovation are essential to all aspects of a successful business (including the hiring process). That’s why we recommend you look to hire high school graduates for your next entry-level positions. Here are our top 5 reasons why a high school grad may be your next stellar employee.

High School Graduate

1. In this tight labor market, being affordable is a huge benefit.

Saving on yearly salaries is straight up good for your profit margin. When a new grad with minimal expenses sees their first real paycheck, an entry-level salary looks pretty darn good. While a lower salary may come with less experience, a new grad is a blank canvas that can be guided to produce top-notch results. 

When young talent is provided proper mentorship and training, lowering your overhead salary costs makes great business sense. Salaries make up a large portion of a company’s overall expenditure. Finding ways to bring down the bottom line can be a real challenge. This insightful staffing idea could provide two-fold benefits with entry level compensations plus bright, fresh talent that sticks around for years to come.

new hires

As your newest employees come on board, set them up for success. Be sure to support them with career development, substantive learning opportunities and becoming part of your corporate culture. When new employees feel connected to their company, rewarded in their position, and are allowed space to thrive, they’re more likely to remain long-term.

Doing everything possible to retain talent saves in the long run. Reducing turnover benefits your business in many ways. Not only can you acquire a less expensive staff initially, but the more room they are given to run, the longer you can reap the rewards. 

2. High school graduates are energetic.

Speaking of room to run, remember high school, when your energy knew no bounds? You could go all day and be ready for more? Harness the power of this ambition. Let your next hire bring youthful energy to your business! 

entry level worker

Flexible hours are a great match for young workers. Less likely to have household responsibilities and happy to be awake and working late at night, they are perfectly positioned to fill 3rd shift positions. High school graduates can offer staffing solutions to entry-level manufacturing or light industrial opportunities that don’t require a lot of work history or experience. 

Every day, the Staffing Managers at Masiello connect local youthful and skilled candidates to career opportunities such as Lift Operators, Manufacturing Associates, or Production Workers. They are ready to get their hands dirty, dig into building new skills and start contributing to the workforce. 

new hire training

3. Recent graduates are tech savvy.

At Masiello, we are experienced at helping people find positions where they can flourish. Skilled with technology, office or administration positions with on-the-job training opportunities can lead to beneficial new ideas and even drive innovation.  

New high school graduates have probably grown with technology as a way of life. Put all those hours in front of phones or video games to good use. While spending hours obsessed with technology may vex a parent, a good manager understands how to utilize this youthful interest. The fact is, when you listen to your recruits’ ideas, you may be surprised with the depth of their understanding of tech strategies applicable in your workplace. 

4. Fresh out of high school, they’re a blank canvas.

You can train them to be the type of employee that best suits your company. When you hire High school graduates, you get fast learners. Flexible, eager minds absorb your company culture and learn new skills like a sponge. They tend to be keen to please and work hard to make a good first impression.

Consider that your new staff will be easier to manage as they are not yet set in their ways. But rather, they don’t come with years of opinions and familiar to new learning environments. As a result, coaching your chosen candidates may be refreshingly easy for your current staff. 

manufacturing new hire

5. Everyone has their own style, skills and abilities.

Not all people are set on the four-year college track to make their way in the world. Perhaps they would prefer learning through work. For that reason, connecting enthusiastic high school graduates with hands-on, apprenticeship-style opportunities makes sense. Filling temporary, entry-level positions can be a creative approach to staffing issues. 

For instance, sometimes people want a gap year after high school to consider their options. Holding a high school diploma, they may be grateful to be done with academia while starting a potential career. So let them go to work! There are so many advantages when you hire high school graduates to round out your team. 

Masiello Employment Services is happy to share our smart staffing solutions.

It can be a challenge to identify and secure fresh talent. But our experienced Staffing Managers find the right fit for temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions every day for companies like yours. 

We work to determine your business’s individual staffing needs and provide resumes to smooth your staffing problems. With this tight labor market, letting professionals handle the heavy lifting allows you to focus on your business while meeting your business staffing goals. Join us today!