Staffing Solutions - Veterans

If you watch the news or are involved in the world of business, you know that hiring your next qualified candidate right now demands creative staffing solutions. Fortunately, the Staffing Managers at Masiello Employment Services excel at matching talent with job opportunities, even in this tight job market. 

We believe that keeping your business running at peak performance can mean looking for your next hire in unique places. Sometimes, you have to think outside the norm to build a versatile team. You want your staff to possess a wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience so you can tackle any hurdle. 

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That’s why looking to hire a veteran is a smart staffing solution with big benefits. These hardworking, highly motivated individuals can boost your bottom-line. They’re also assets when it comes to streamlining your business’ efficiency and produce repeatable results. 

Veterans know leadership.

Having a motivated leader on your team makes a huge impact. The military strategically trains leadership skills into their crew. They understand that inspirational leadership is born through guidance, motivation and innovation. When a leader joins your team, it can shoot your business to the moon. 

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Teamwork means loyalty to one another.

Nobody understands the value of teamwork more than those who have experienced real-world situations where trusting your teammates was absolutely critical. When you know your co-worker can and will complete their task to the best of their ability every time, confidence grows. This allows individuals to focus on their own tasks. Staff energy becomes available for creativity and innovation without the stress of worrying over someone else’s tasks.


Veterans learn new skills quickly.

Developing fresh skill sets is essential in a military setting and working hard is part of a veteran’s makeup. Creativity and problem-solving to work through challenges go hand-in-hand with workplace success. You infuse your business with new energy and skills when you make veterans part of your staffing solution.

They’ve been around the world once or twice.

Veterans are more than comfortable with corporate cultures that thrive on diversity and inclusion. They have experience cooperating with individuals no matter their gender identification, cultural background, sexual orientation, economic status, mental, physical, or attitudinal capabilities. Everyone is more comfortable and happier when they’re part of an open and supportive team. 

They’re no strangers to demanding work environments.

Veterans have proven they can succeed within tight schedules and limited resources. They can prioritize tasks efficiently until they are done well. Familiar with stress, they won’t avoid their responsibilities or melt under pressure. 

Veterans are comfortable with technology and global trends.

Many military personnel are also trained in advanced computer skills. These skill sets will enhance your business technology profile. With a finger on the global pulse, veterans can bring new insight and ideas to your workplace.

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Health and safety standards are high priority.

Workplace accidents are a huge financial and staffing burden and should be avoided at all costs. Veterans have completed safety training far beyond that of an average job seeker. This benefits your company and your staff today and tomorrow. 

Tax credits and Veteran Employment Services.

Finally, the U.S. government provides financial incentives to hire from among their own. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federally run program. It  offers up to $9,600 to employ many different groups, including qualified military veterans.

Companies may see even more tax breaks through other credit categories such as service-connected disabilities. The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Department of Labor both provide helpful resources regarding hiring veterans. 

At Masiello, we’re happy to share our not-so-secret staffing solutions. We want your business to thrive. That means having the staff you need to grow. Our team of expert Staffing Managers are ready and waiting to match you with your next five-star employee. Contact us today and we’ll start sending resumes your way!