Recent Graduate

If new recruits are considered investments, there’s a lot of long-term potential when looking at a recent graduate for your next hire. Of course, there are risks and benefits to any possible new hire. For instance, some companies find the time and money it takes to train fresh college grads too much to afford. But, if you keep an open mind, you may be surprised with a recent college graduate’s willingness to be your next best employee.

At Masiello Employment Services, we excel at creative staffing solutions for your business. In this tight job market, thinking outside the box for your next hire may be exactly what you didn’t know you desperately needed. We’d like to share with you why hiring a recent graduate might make a ton of CENTS for your business. 

Recent grad

1. Entry-level wages are rock bottom and a huge cost-saving way to lower your bottom line.

Experienced employees that have been active in their careers for many years reasonably expect a much higher salary offered on day one of their new job. If not a raise, they will demand at least highly competitive benefits, more time off, or a high salary comparable to the one they currently receive. 

If you consider new graduates for your open position, you can save your business tens of thousands of dollars. Recent graduates start at a much more affordable level of pay and are excited to start earning. Even if you need to spend slightly more training your new recruit, you will most likely still find cost savings in your operations long term.

New Job

2. Fewer responsibilities can mean greater availability. 


Most recent graduates have wide open schedules. They haven’t developed a lifetime worth of regular commitments. 

Many responsibilities tax an older worker’s attention, time, and pocketbook. Here’s another example of how a smaller salary for a recent graduate will stretch farther and still look attractive to your new hire. 

Fresh graduates are eager to be at work, gaining experiences, developing networks and honing skills. Longer hours don’t tax their youthful energies and translate into cost savings.

job interview

3. Hire a recent graduate and gain up-to-date skills to improve your business.

Latest and greatest skills, particularly in technology, paired with good study habits from college makes a very skillful, easy-to-train individual. Accustomed to gaining knowledge fast and correctly, they make great learners. 

Good colleges prepare individuals for the workforce. Great colleges set students up for a lifetime of learning and success. Your new recruit will bring these habits and abilities into your company. Give them an opportunity to utilize and share these skills they have worked hard to learn.  

These technical skills translate to adaptability and trainability when incorporating your particular business’ software quickly and completely. It makes great business sense to invest in the newest, state-of-the-art talent available and keep them as long as possible. 

Work team

4. Recent graduates are more than ready to get to work and work their way up the corporate ladder. 

With student debt to pay down and an exciting career ladder to climb, new college graduates are anxious to impress company leadership. They have a blank canvas ready to be adapted to the particulars of your business. 

Consider this, they have been preparing their whole lives for the independence of their first job position. Chomping at the bit, they tackle assignments with enthusiasm and heart. 

Sincere in their willingness to develop the skills valuable to your business, you may find your newest employee is one of your best. Once they get settled into your company culture, they may never leave!

5. Recent graduates are open to new ideas and unafraid to ask questions. 

We find individuals who have spent time in a demanding academic culture to be well trained in interpersonal skills, communication skills and linguistic skills. These are strong job skills to have for any position. 

Being a recent graduate, they are generally free from the tedium of office politics and negative work relationships. Poorly operating teams result in ineffective work environments which sap time and thus money from your business. Fresh from the classroom recruits have clean social palettes and are ready to focus on getting the job done well and learning from more experienced staff. 

The dedicated Staffing Managers at Masiello love to help businesses smoothly fulfill their individual staffing needs. We take care of creatively developing new strategies to keep your business running at its finest.