Hiring Seniors

How many recent headlines have you seen about the worker shortage? Perhaps you’re experiencing it firsthand within your business. At Masiello Employment Service, we specialize in creative staffing solutions to keep your business running efficiently and effectively even in a tight job market.

In our recent blog, Work-Life Balance: The #1 Priority for Job Seekers in 2022, we noted how very real the lack of available employees is. We shared how of the 5 million people who have disappeared from the labor market within the last 2 years, 3.4 million left due to retirement. 1.5 million of those choose early retirement, as analyzed by Goldman Sachs in Business Insider

As some may suspect, this is not only due to more recent COVID-19 concerns. This marketplace shift began when job openings outnumbered job applicants in 2018. At that time, the number of retiring baby boomers overcame the millennials replacing them, according to Harvard Business Review.   

However, in many situations, we have found great success with hiring those same seniors and have witnessed how they enhance the workplace while providing unique staffing solutions. Hiring seniors may be the staffing secret you’ve been looking for.

Fulfilling work can be the key to a meaningful third chapter, which is why mature professionals often make great hires. As Stephen Hawking explains: “Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it.”

Multi-age work team

Hiring seniors can benefit your business.

Another recent article from Harvard Business Review shared that work experience majorly determines workplace success and entrepreneurship. In fact, “those over the age of 40 are three times more likely to create successful companies as a result of their patient, collaborative natures, and their lack of a ‘need to prove myself” attitude.’”

Senior Team Leader

Senior or semi-retired individuals provide what’s referred to as “workplace wisdom.”

This refers to the years of knowledge and expertise gained throughout a career. And these assets become one of the great advantages of hiring seniors. Consider 50 years working various careers, jobs, and the skills built through each experience. 

A terrific way to utilize hiring seniors is through a mentorship or trainer role.

This is where their expertise can shine and forward the career of a valued employee coming into their own. Why not analyze your current departmental needs and fill the knowledge gaps with senior staff? 

They have weathered it all and risen above the storm.

Having been successful employees for many, many years, you may find their unwillingness to engage in office drama a welcome shift in attitude. Like a grandma who can see through a child’s tempests, hiring seniors can provide emotional stability for younger staff.

Senior working at store

Take advantage of flexible scheduling by hiring seniors.

Part-time hours may perfectly match the needs of semi-retired individuals. A five or six-hour work day still allows them the ability to meet their retirement goals and contribute to your company. Discuss potential options with your scheduling department. Hiring seniors can lessen the burn-out and stress of your current staff. 

Offer senior staff work solutions tailored to their needs.

This could mean brighter lighting, larger fonts, comprehensive healthcare coverage, 401k options, or shorter work days. Encourage them to learn from younger leaders on staff and collaborate. This cross-mentoring can benefit both younger and senior employees. Crossing the age divide to exchange mutually beneficial knowledge develops and stimulates new ideas, as well as a cohesive teamwork culture. 

At Masiello, our dedicated Staffing Managers work every day to stay up-to-date on the latest job market fluctuations. We understand that finding the right new employee can be a challenge and would love to help. 

We’re ready to anticipate and meet your staffing needs with creative staffing solutions. Let us help you solve your staffing problems. Reach out to us today to discuss the needs of your company.