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Are you ready to grow your business, but struggling with how to best manage the costs of more employees? Working with a staffing agency like Masiello can help businesses keep employment costs low, allowing expansion and growth. 

Employees are both your biggest expense and greatest asset. Employment costs such as insurance, healthcare, taxes, and benefits are high, while companies need to keep costs in control. The answer to managing staffing costs and maintaining productivity while growing your business is to utilize the resources of a staffing agency.

Why Contact a Staffing Agency for Help?

A staffing agency has access to a wide range of workers and that is one of the essential benefits it offers clients. By working with recruiting experts, hiring departments can quickly find qualified candidates with specific skill sets and experience. Those individuals can be brought on board for a brief period or they can be hired permanently. 

This advantage enables hiring managers to respond quickly to changing business needs, allowing for speedier growth. This level of staffing agility is used as a competitive advantage by in-the-know companies.

According to the American Staffing Association, staffing firms employed 64,600 workers in New Hampshire in 2020. U.S. staffing agencies assign millions of people to millions of jobs every business day. The three main reasons why companies use a staffing agency are to fill in for absent employees or to fill a vacancy temporarily, to provide extra support during busy workload times or seasons, or to staff short-term projects. In addition to temporary placements, Masiello also assists companies with locating qualified candidates for temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing of key, permanent positions. 

Our Expert Staffing Assistance Can Cut Costs

staffing agency grow your businessAs healthcare costs, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and other staffing costs rise each year, a staffing agency can help. We provide workers for special projects and peak seasonal times without increasing fixed payroll costs.

Employment expenses can also be controlled by reducing overtime labor costs and using temporary employees to work the extra hours. The staffing agency takes responsibility for unemployment, workers’ compensation, taxes, and other expenses of temporary workers.

Our Services Allow for Greater Flexibility 

Business leaders looking to grow their company can benefit in numerous ways from the flexibility that a staffing agency provides. Hiring additional workers as needed allows companies to respond to market demands quickly, allowing faster growth. 

Because a company’s needs may cycle, a staffing agency can quickly bring on workers for seasonal or small assignments on-demand. During a dip in the workload cycle, temporary workers can handle what’s needed without increasing full-time employee numbers. In addition, using temporary workers for miscellaneous projects allows your regular staff to concentrate on the core work of the business.

We Can Decrease the Risks of Hiring

staffing agency grow your business find qualified candidatesAbsenteeism and employees who don’t match the needs of particular jobs lead to wasted time and effort. Masiello offers temp-to-hire options that allow businesses to learn about new employees before making a full-time offer.

Bringing on temporary help during peak workload periods can prevent overworking employees, reducing absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims. As you grow, staffing agency candidates will allow your company to keep employment costs low while costs in other areas ramp up.

We Know that Your Time Is Valuable

Masiello’s expert team can save your company time by attracting the applicants you need to hire quickly. We then screen, interview, test, and reference check potential candidates for you — a massive time-savings.

The hiring department’s level of involvement can vary. They can select the best applicant, or interview, or rely entirely on Masiello’s expertise to match the right qualified candidate. Masiello handles the pre-employment screening and background checks for needed skills, which means less on-boarding. We also handle payroll administration for temporary employees.

If your business is looking to grow this year and needs to save on staffing costs, we can connect you to the qualified candidates you need. Contact Masiello Employment Services to learn more about our temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements.