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Although it would be amazing, there’s never a guarantee that you will always hire the right candidate for an available position. The need to hire employees quickly presents even more of a challenge. 

It can all be a double-edged sword. Extra time taken away from the business to focus on hiring is undesirable, but so is rushing a hire. Rushing can mean settling for an uncomfortable candidate fit or result in an oversight that ends in a disastrous hire. The key is to implement a set of steps to streamline the overall process. 

Let’s look at how these five steps can speed things up, enabling your business to hire quality employees quickly. It’s challenging, but not impossible. 

Give Your Job Descriptions an Overhaul

You need to hear this first one loud and clear: Stop writing job descriptions from scratch. Developing a template and a consistent format for all of your job postings will mean they can be written on the turn of a dime to get them in front of applicants as soon as possible. 

Putting a universal template into place now saves time on every future job description. It’s also crucial to be clear enough in the description so that it will only attract the appropriately qualified applicants. Details matter.

The template will depend on the position, but start with a rock-solid job description and change it up as needed. A good description includes a job summary, job qualifications for the ideal candidate (these can be requirements as well as ideals), company benefits, and precise instructions for application. Additional sections could be company culture and specific position benefits. 

Only Interview Select Candidates to Hire Employees Quickly 

hire employees quickly applicantsYour updated job descriptions might not be enough to weed out all the unqualified applicants. Some will still not be up to snuff in the standards department. Don’t be afraid to not interview certain applicants just because you want a larger pool of candidates.

 To hire employees quickly, it’s more important to interview the right candidates, rather than the highest number. Focus on the impressive few rather than the masses. And don’t even bother to give an unimpressive candidate a second interview and waste everyone’s time. It’s alright to be picky in the interest of saving time. Conducting virtual interviews can also be a time-saver.

Skip the Unnecessary Steps

Some traditional hiring steps may not be truly necessary or even beneficial. Does your company have any old-school hiring practices that can be eliminated to save time? Identify these and be honest about their usefulness. 

Are multiple reference checks useful? Skipping that step or at least waiting to ask for references during secondary interviews of only a few candidates can save on the time of waiting for callbacks. Any steps that are simply longtime traditions and not beneficial in the modern age of hiring should go.

Improve the Interview Process

hire employees quickly job interviewPrepare a set list of interview questions to use every time to ask the proper questions rapidly. This can also eliminate the possibility of inappropriate questions that might happen spontaneously. Questions should identify the skills and qualifications you are seeking for the position. 

Use additional questions to build knowledge of a candidate’s ability to handle possible work situations or their past experience in a similar environment. If company culture is important, questions to assess a candidate’s fit into your workplace are beneficial. 

Don’t count out the group interview as a time-saver. Interviewing in a group setting allows the participation of multiple qualified candidates at the same time. Group interviews mix up the dynamic and can provide insight into a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively and for observing other soft skills.

Utilize a Staffing Agency  

A drawn-out hiring process can cost unnecessary time and money if the position stays empty too long and work falls behind. Hiring with speed helps the bottom line. 

Remember that you don’t need to choose hiring correctly over hiring quickly. Utilizing the employer services of a staffing agency can give you a huge leg up to hire employees quickly. 

Our expert team at Masiello will shorten your search for highly skilled employees by recruiting, screening, and evaluating candidates on your behalf. Only the most qualified candidates will be referred to you for final evaluation.

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