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Last year was filled with chaos, unpredictability and endless hurdles for hiring managers and the field of talent acquisition. Now, with 2020 in the rearview and 2021 coasting through the second quarter, how have the best hiring practices been shaped by the pandemic? 

Let’s look at the way hiring has been forced to shift. Not only has the way talent is located seen changes, but the way candidates are then pursued and onboarded has, too.      

Virtual Technology Reigns in Best Hiring Practices

woman virtual interview best hiring practicesThus far, the best hiring practices of 2021 have shown that many of 2020’s temporary adaptations may just be here to stay. They served hiring managers well in a time of great upheaval. The best hiring practices will be agile, inclusive and offer a highly engaging experience for the candidate. 

Using virtual technologies as part of the hiring process has been one of the standout practices. It saves both  money and time, opens the door geographically to candidates and even improves hiring diversity, says a survey conducted by LinkedIn of over 1,500 talent acquisition professionals from 28 countries. Although the standard may become a mix of both virtual and in-person hiring practices.

The virtual interview will replace the traditional and less personal phone screening of yesterday and speed up the overall hiring process. Candidates see on-demand interviews as an increase in control over the process that allow flexibility. 

Expanding Access through Automation

Automation expands the talent pool and allows for a greater diversity of candidates. For example, adding text messaging into communications can create greater accessibility to meet job seekers where they are — on their phones. 

Standardized assessments can also assist in hiring diversity by focusing on competencies. Automated resume reviewing is another way to remove the potential of unconscious bias.

Companies are expanding their recruiting networks to source diverse talent, as well. Overall, better technologies allow hiring leaders to spend more time engaging with a candidate and less time on scheduling details. 

Demonstrate Value for the Work/Life Balance

woman remote work best hiring practicesHow employers either successfully adapted or failed to meet their employees’ needs during the pandemic will continue to be evaluated by potential candidates. Job seekers are doing their research through the hiring process and perception matters.

Past incentives are no longer sufficient as candidates look for a company that values family life and a healthy balance. Gone are the days of attracting candidates with free lunch and a game table in the break room. A commitment to the employee’s complete life experience is more important. 

Hire for Potential, Not Experience

LinkedIn research showed that internal promotion was up 20% during COVID-19. Recruiting budgets were expected to decrease this year, while learning and development budgets are more likely to increase. Retention is key.

When seeking new talent, leaders should assess for hiring potential versus experience. Don’t fill a vacancy with a carbon-copy of the past employee. Instead, consider the skills the larger organization needs for future success. 

This focus on the “total skills market” can include in-house talent with transferable skills, self-taught candidates, and remote workers in many geographic locations. 

 Staffing Agency Services Are Beneficial 

Organizations want to sustain long-term success before adding new permanent positions. And so another of 2021’s best hiring practices is to hire more temporary or temp-to-hire workers over the next one to two years. This can allow greater flexibility for companies to grow quickly as conditions improve.  

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