Why Didn’t You Get the Job?

Sometimes even the best-prepared job seekers don’t get the job. It can be frustrating. After all, you dressed the part. You were on time. You were friendly.  And they thought you were qualified for the job – they called you in for an interview in the first place. What went wrong? You may never really Learn More

Top Soft Skills to Look for in Administrative Talent

Hiring individuals with the knowledge, qualifications and capacity to do the job you are looking to fill is a no-brainer. But are you screening for soft skills as well? Soft skills, in some cases, can be equally as important as having the experience and the training to do the job, because soft skills cannot be Learn More

Hiring Challenges: Evaluating Self Motivation During the Interview

Determining a job applicant’s motivation can be tricky for hiring managers. Some people interview extremely well, after all. They know exactly what they should say, what answers interviewers like to hear, and know how to make a good first impression. And though someone may seem like the right fit for a job, or your company Learn More