Hiring Challenges: Evaluating Self Motivation During the InterviewDetermining a job applicant’s motivation can be tricky for hiring managers.

Some people interview extremely well, after all. They know exactly what they should say, what answers interviewers like to hear, and know how to make a good first impression.

And though someone may seem like the right fit for a job, or your company culture, when you first meet them, how can you determine if they are really as motivated and excited as they claim to be, and not just really great at interviewing?

It’s quite a challenge.

Truthfully, it’s highly unlikely that any hiring manager is ever going to have a perfect score when it comes to hiring accuracy.

But we have a few suggestions to help you measure motivation during the interview, so that you make the best hiring decision you can.

  • Ask about their past employment. Did they job hop or did they have great longevity in a position? While job hopping is typically seen as a bad thing, job hopping for reasons of advancement indicates that someone is motivated to be successful. And while working for a company in the same role for many years may lead people to think someone is a loyal employee, it may also mean that someone is looking to simply be comfortable, and do only what is required. Do they have a history of promotion? People with a history of promotion like to work hard and move up the ladder.
  • Inquire about their interests outside of work. Motivated people like to stay busy. Find out what their interests are. It will help you have a better understanding of the applicant as a person, not just an interviewee. If they don’t have any interests or hobbies, or show any indication that they enjoy being mentally stimulated outside of work, the individual may not be very motivated.
  • Ask questions to measure their work ethic. Inquire about moments in their experience in which they were assigned to do something they didn’t enjoy. How did they motivate themselves? Did they complete the task? Have they ever put a little extra time into completing a project, even if it meant working late or sacrificing personal time? This will afford insight on their follow-through and motivation to complete tasks they are assigned.
  • Tell them about the types of challenges they might encounter on the job. Be honest. Don’t glamorize the job. If you notice that they hesitate or don’t sound as eager as they did when they first came in, they might not be a good fit.

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