Hiring individuals with the knowledge, qualifications and capacity to do the job you are looking to fill is a no-brainer.

But are you screening for soft skills as well?

Soft skills, in some cases, can be equally as important as having the experience and the training to do the job, because soft skills cannot be taught. They are personal traits, attitudes and qualities.

These skills can determine whether someone is going to be the right culture fit for an organization, and whether they will be successful in the role.

Looking to hire some administrative talent?

Here are the top five soft skills to screen for in an interview:

  • Attitudes are contagious. Someone with a positive attitude is likely to influence those around them in the workplace in a good way. They can revitalize an office and help keep others on track and motivated.
  • The best administrative professionals are those with strong written and verbal communication skills. They are usually the most adept at effectively working with a diverse workforce, too. If you know your administrative support has to interact on a regular basis with staff, strong communication skills are a must!
  • Active Listening. When you are interviewing candidates, take note of their listening skills. Are they just staring blankly at you while you speak to them? Or are they taking notes and reacting appropriately? After you finish speaking, do they ask you any questions? Active listening is a great skill to bring into your workplace. You will not only have a more engaged team, but a team who needs less clarification and who can get things done.
  • Things change constantly. Having someone onboard who is comfortable with change and who can handle the unexpected is incredibly beneficial. They can think quickly on their feet, stay focused and multitask. Adaptability = efficiency.
  • Being able to collaborate with others is essential in the workplace. Knowing how to work cooperatively with people in higher- or lower-level positions can really help increase productivity and create a sense of camaraderie. Someone who dislikes teamwork, on the other hand, can create unwanted tension.

If you are looking to add top administrative talent to your team with the aforementioned desired soft skills, a staffing firm could be a valuable resource.

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