Should You Consider “Overqualified” Candidates?

Hiring managers are often reluctant to hire “overqualified” candidates, assuming that these individuals are more likely to get bored by the job and quit sooner than a lesser-qualified candidate. If that’s been your hiring philosophy as well, it’s time to reconsider. Assuming that someone wouldn’t stay long-term at your company could cost you top talent. Learn More

Hiring Challenges: The Race Against the Clock

A position in your organization has unexpectedly become available. Someone had to be terminated, or someone decided to end their own employment. Unfortunately, it is peak season for your business and you have several deadlines to meet.  Now you need to fill that open job as soon as possible. So, in reality, you needed someone Learn More

Four Reasons to Outsource Your Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition directly affects the infrastructure of an organization, so it’s not surprising that many companies prefer to do their hiring in-house and balk at outsourcing.  And while there is truth that you, the business owner or hiring personnel, know best what your company needs, the fact remains that outsourcing your talent acquisition is the Learn More

Making a Good First Impression on the Job

You put together a killer resume and cover letter that caught the attention of the hiring manager. You aced all three nerve-wracking interviews. You sent a charming follow-up email. You got the offer. You negotiated a salary that exceeded your expectations. You accomplished all of that. The job you dreamed about is finally yours. Congratulations Learn More

Hiring Challenges: When to Hold Out for a Better Candidate

Even in a highly competitive job market, finding the very best candidate to fill an open position at your company can be a big challenge. While your inbox may be stuffed with the resumes of plausible candidates, that right candidate that gets everyone excited may continue to elude you. Too many companies blame the applicant Learn More