Should You Consider “Overqualified” Candidates?Hiring managers are often reluctant to hire “overqualified” candidates, assuming that these individuals are more likely to get bored by the job and quit sooner than a lesser-qualified candidate.

If that’s been your hiring philosophy as well, it’s time to reconsider. Assuming that someone wouldn’t stay long-term at your company could cost you top talent. (Besides, you know what they say about assumptions…)

The war for talent is real. Exceptional candidates are finding jobs more and more quickly nowadays. It’s illogical to not capitalize on the benefits of hiring someone who appears “overqualified” at first.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring individuals perceived as “overqualified”:

  • Think big picture. While it’s definitely possible that someone may be too qualified for the position you are hiring for, consider whether they would be a fit for the NEXT position. If your company is growing, think about the fact that you’ll want to promote people internally. Think about the future value they will bring to your company.
  • Faster productivity. Highly qualified individuals are more likely to hit the ground running and produce results, whereas a lesser qualified hire may require more time to be productive. Top talent also requires less training due to their skills and experience.
  • They are motivated. Overqualified candidates are motivated to succeed and are driven to perform on the job, regardless of what the job is. It is personal choice, a matter of pride, to do well. That’s why they have acquired the skills and experience they have.
  • They may just interview really well. While it may very well be possible that an individual is as talented and qualified as perceived to be during an interview, you must also keep in the back of your mind the fact that some people just interview really well. They may also have a better-than-average resume. And resumes, in general, tend to be a bit exaggerated. So what you worry is overqualified, might be exactly what you are looking for!

The next time a seemingly overqualified individual shows interest in a job you are offering, consider the value they can bring to your organization, rather than stress the presumed risks.  After all, more people leave a job not because they are too good for the job, or bored with the work, but because they are dissatisfied with the working conditions.

If you need help attracting and onboarding top talent, consider partnering with a staffing firm. Talent acquisition is their specialty.

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