clockA position in your organization has unexpectedly become available. Someone had to be terminated, or someone decided to end their own employment. Unfortunately, it is peak season for your business and you have several deadlines to meet.  Now you need to fill that open job as soon as possible. So, in reality, you needed someone yesterday.

While it might be tempting to hire someone as quickly as possible, the “need-an-employee-now” mentality is likely to do your company more harm than good.

Many times hiring managers will sacrifice quality for immediacy. And while there’s a small chance things could work out, it is more probable that the hiring manager will be left in the same position – scrambling to find a replacement.

Don’t fret. There is a way to balance the sense of urgency you may feel to fill a position and the desire to find the right candidate for the job – consider reaching out to a staffing firm for help.

Attracting, screening, interviewing, and hiring are their specialties and they have access to qualified and capable individuals that can often go to work the same day. And if that’s not reason enough, consider the following benefits:

  • Placement satisfaction. There is no guarantee that the person is actually going to be right for the job until they start working.A staffing firm offers different hiring options to allow you to gauge a prospective, long-term employee’s abilities and potential value to your organization – before putting them on your payroll. This will also help reduce (hopefully eliminate) high turnover rates!
  • Flexibility. A staffing provider has the time and flexibility to help you fill open positions much more efficiently than you would on your own. You have a business to run.
  • Time effective. Do you have the time to sit and go through endless resumes, most of which will likely not meet your requirements? Recruitment agencies are trained to help you identify qualified candidates based on your specifications. A staffing partner can guarantee that the resumes you do see are resumes of individuals with the skills you are looking for.
  • They never stop looking for talent.  Recruiters speak to and meet with top talent on a daily basis. If you need someone with a particular skill set, or experience, they are going to be an excellent resource in helping you find what you need.

If you haven’t partnered with a staffing provider yet, reach out to one. They will be able to provide you with some valuable insight on the benefits of a partnership.

At Masiello, we can help you find a workforce best suited to your business. If you find yourself hiring new staff, or are simply interested in more information, contact our expert staffing and recruiting team. We’d love to tell you how our services can benefit your organization.