Masiello Employment’s Guide to Avoiding Interview No-Nos

Here at Masiello Employment, we’d love to see every candidate ace every job interview. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few interview-perfecting aces up our collective sleeve! It only takes one significant red flag to turn off an interviewer, so never fall into the trap of getting sloppy with your in-person presentation. After all, you Learn More

Masiello Employment’s Off-the-Cuff Interview Tips

When it comes to acing an interview, the little things are often very big. So while you need to consider what you wear to an interview and your body language during an interview, you also need to pay attention to how you come across to your interviewer in every single element of the process, from Learn More

The Call: How to Ace the Phone Interview

Ring. Ring. It’s success calling! We at Masiello Employment know all about phone interviews—and the most important thing to know is that a phone interview is very different from a traditional face-to-face interview. As such, there are different techniques for prepping and executing a phone interview. In an earlier post, we covered how to best Learn More

Masiello Employment’s Do’s & Don’t-You-Dares: Interview Body Language Part 2

And…. we’re back. As we know from last week’s blog, it’s not only what you say during an interview, it’s how you say it that often determines getting, or not getting the job. Your body language tells a lot about you, so always be aware of not only what you’re saying but how you are Learn More

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