A candidate’s elevator pitch is as important as, if not more important than, the answers they give to your interview questions. 

Here are three major reasons why: 

  1. An elevator pitch provides insight into the mind of the candidate, helping you find out more about who they are and what drives them. 
  2. You can determine whether or not they are the right fit for the position and a fit for your company culture simply by paying attention to what they say – when not prompted by interview questions. 
  3. And the simple fact of whether or not they have an elevator pitch can be an indicator of their seriousness about the opportunity and how much time they put into preparing for the interview. 

The 30-second summary is crucial to helping you make a sound hiring decision. 

Here are some questions that a potential employee’s elevator pitch should answer: 

  • Who are they? Yes, they are trying to get a job and likely want to impress you, but their elevator pitch should not be all industry jargon. But by the time the candidate is done with their pitch you should have at least some idea of the type of person they are. 
  • What are their skills? While they don’t need to recite their resume to you, you should have some indication of their professional strengths. 
  • What motivates them? Their pitch should convey what drives them, why they like what they do. This is going to help you understand who they are – more than if they talk about awards. 
  • What are they looking for? Obviously this person is looking for a job, but what are they looking for long term? Do their goals align with your company goals and will there be career paths available to them? 
  • What are they offering YOU? While their pitch is technically about them, they should not be bragging about themselves. They should be selling you a product – namely THEM. Their pitch should convince you of the value they have and how it could benefit your organization. 

If you are onboarding new employees or looking for temporary support, don’t hesitate to reach out to your staffing partner for help. 

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