Looking for Your Next Great EmployeeFinding the next great employee of your organization can be stressful and time-consuming. And in today’s economy, a single job posting can result in more resumes and applications than you can wade through in a reasonable amount of time. And you have work to do! Navigating resumes and applications is an area where Masiello Employment Services excels. We specialize in careful and considerate review of talent for your organization.

Some businesses place a high amount of importance on experience in the field when making a hiring decision. Traditionally an ideal employee had years of experience, which equaled faster results within an organization, and learning curves were shorter upon hire. This ideal has been evolving, and counter to hiring someone with years of on the job knowledge,  recent graduates bring to organizations more skills and other kinds of experience such as skills in technology, internships, externships and familiarity in enhanced collaborative work environments.  And they’re making a big, positive impact. Now is a great time to look at these new ideals – recent grads.

Here are just a few of the top reasons to consider a recent grad:

A fresh perspective.
Recent college grads offer a fresh perspective on old problems and processes, which can lead to positive improvements and time savings within your organization.

They are willing to learn.
Recent graduates come in with a keen willingness to learn. They did just come from college, after all! When you hire recent college grads, you’ll have an opportunity to help mold employees to learn and embrace your specific standards and practices – you’re working with them to build good workplace habits.

Their starting pay is typically lower.
This is a pretty obvious benefit. As a general rule, a recent college graduate will cost your organization less than a five-year pro. In times of economic uncertainty, these savings make yet another positive impact on your organization.

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