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Employment 101: Clearing Job-Hunting Hurdles for the Technology Challenged

Like it or not—use it or not—technology now plays a major role in finding and landing a job. The latest job postings are found online not in newspapers. Resumes are uploaded - not printed and mailed. Some interviews are conducted face-to-screen not face-to-face. So, what do you do if you consider yourself technology challenged? You [...]

Technology Proves Essential to Your Job Search.

In case you have not heard -  it is official. Technology, like it or not, is here to stay. You may recall someone years ago saying something like ‘the internet is a fad’ or ‘business will never bring hiring online.’ Boy, were they wrong! If you are still reading the classifieds in the newspaper and [...]

Online Job Applications, the Endless Battle.

We’ve all been there, intrigued by a particular job posting, our interest peaked ever so slightly. Sometimes we even score a direct hit on the job fit meter and work ourselves up into a fit of excitement, envisioning ourselves in that particular role, holding the imaginary paycheck high up in our minds eye to admire [...]

Using Technology in Your Job Search.

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere, from our couch based handheld devices to smartphones that never leave our side. And we get it – not everyone is tech savvy. But if you want to make an exceptional impression on an employer, it makes sense to embrace some of the job search and resume tools available [...]

Score Your Next Job Right from Your Cellular Phone

Whether you're ready for a career shift or just jumping into the job hunting game, you're going to need a stealthy plan of attack. While the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that unemployment decreased in 2013, as many as 10.4 million unemployed Americans are still in the job seeking pool. And, that [...]