Benefits & Payroll (Candidate ID: 5970)

Ready for a Benefits & Payroll professional with almost two decades of experience? We’re excited to tell you about this candidate who is a quick learner and enjoys taking on new technology. In previous roles, their responsibilities have included 401ks, biweekly payroll processing for 300+ employees, audits for payroll, compliance, reporting, journal entries, new hires, Learn More

How to Decide Which Job Offer You Should Take

While it’s enviable to have two or more job offers to choose from, actually deciding which one to take can be downright stressful. Do you take Job A with the great benefits package? Or do you take Job B with a better salary and shorter commute? These are the sorts of questions you need to Learn More

Executive Administrative Assistant (Candidate ID: 63578)

A skilled Executive Administrative Assistant can be the game-changer that launches your business into its best year yet and we have an exceptional one. They are well-versed in reporting directly to senior management and have a great mix of executive administrative experience, as well as accounting and HR. In the past, they’ve specialized in travel Learn More