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When you’re searching for a new job, you want to make the most of your time and effort. Once you have secured an interview, being prepared for the most important interview question can make the difference between a job offer or not. 

At Masiello Employment Services, our staffing managers work every day with local hiring managers. For over 35 years, we have been helping qualified job seekers find temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire jobs. We fill positions across the tri-state region of Western New Hampshire and Massachusetts and Southeastern Vermont. 

We have extensive experience in job placement, successful interviewing strategies, and networking skills. And we want to help you build a strong career in a job that is perfect for you. That means getting you ready with strong answers to the important questions. 

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The Most Important Interview Question

The most important interview question that you’ll be asked in a job interview will be: Why do you want to work here? This is such a key question for hiring managers. It helps them determine your level of interest in the position and whether you are a solid fit for the company. Another way to see this question is to consider how the company would benefit from hiring you.

When hiring managers make job placement recommendations, they know how important it is to find an invested, highly qualified individual who will be committed to the company. Incorrect matches cost the company time and money. Presenting prepared yet natural answers shows you have a sincere desire to secure the position. 

Do Your Due Diligence

Before your interview, make sure to do your research. Then when you sit down for an interview, you know more about the company than just the position you’re applying for. Take the time to understand the organization’s goals and successes. Consider how you can help them reach and exceed those goals. 


When it comes to job placement, you will want to lead with how you see yourself fitting into the job you’ve applied for. What experiences do you have that align with the company’s needs? Is the company’s culture a good match? What skills have you developed during previous work experiences that can benefit this company? How can you create value for them, save them money, develop new products, bring in new clients, or make their processes more efficient? 

Make a list of a few things you like about the company, including what the job role offers or general positive impressions. Review their website, online reviews, and competition. Look for any initiatives, strengths or weaknesses that can give you insight. Taking the time to get to know your potential employer can really pay off.

Real Jobs, Real Answers

Be sincere yet enthusiastic in your answers, focusing on a few stand-out elements. Your answer will be determined both by who you and the company are. A thoughtful answer doesn’t have to be lengthy but should be specific. 

Be sure to show any ways in which your priorities are in line with the company culture. Demonstrate how your career goals match the position. Imagine yourself already hired and draw on the ways you would create value for that employer.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere 

Employers love to hear what you know about them. Accolades and points of interest are often available on their website, and possibly part of their tagline, company ethic, mission, vision or values. Some examples include: history and established/positive reputation, quality products/services, ground-breaking initiatives, progressive leaders, and/or impressive growth. Showing a true interest in what the organization has achieved is a great opportunity to connect to what you can help them accomplish in the future. 

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Take Your Time; We Can Help!

Taking the time to practice answering common interview questions will ease interview stress and set you up for success. We can help coach you through these seemingly simple yet important aspects of interviewing. And there’s an added benefit. Considering exactly what it might be like to work in a specific position, for a particular company, also helps ensure it’s the right match. 

We love to see people find successful careers! Let our experienced staffing managers help you prepare for the most important interview question and get you into your dream job with less time and hassle. Don’t wait to get your career moving! Contact us today!