CommunicationsThe interview process can be challenging for job seekers.  And it becomes extra stressful when they don’t hear back from their point of contact by the expected deadline, or don’t receive any updates along the way.

Other factors also play a role in making the hiring process an unpleasant one for candidate, such as the hiring company being disorganized, having a slow hiring process, or even a rushed one.

Candidates have the power to either promote or detract from your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a hiring experience that creates advocates for your organization.

To create a winning experience, think like the job seeker. Think about what’s important to them and ensure that it is incorporated into your process.

Here are three suggestions to help your company create a winning candidate experience:

  • Maintain consistent and effective communication. Answer any questions they have in detail and as quickly as possible. Keep them informed along the way: let them know how long the process takes or when they should expect to hear back, give them information about the company, the culture, the job.
  • Have a well-prepared and organized hiring process. Let them know how the interview process works and what to expect and stick to it! Be timely in your responses, be clear in your communication; candidates shouldn’t expect surprises. At no point should the candidate feel that the hiring company is disorganized or incompetent. The process should be efficient and feel seamless.
  • Seek feedback and make adjustments. Ask candidates you hire, and even those you don’t hire, what they thought about your onboarding process and then use their feedback to implement effective changes. Flexibility is important, and being open to tweaking your hiring process could be key to improving the experience.

Onboarding new talent can be time consuming, true, and busy companies may not have the time to devote to enhancing the process, but it is important to keep in mind the many benefits to having a hiring experience that leaves candidates feeling satisfied and happy. Your new employees will appreciate the consistent communication, and utilizing their feedback will make them feel heard and like they matter to the organization. This can help down the road, decreasing possible turnover and increasing job satisfaction.

Want to enhance your hiring experience, but don’t have the time to make the necessary changes to your process? A staffing partner can be a great resource.

At Masiello, we can help make onboarding new employees feel seamless – handling the hiring process from beginning to end. We will screen and interview talent for you, and ensure that only the most qualified individuals come your way. We will handle all communication with the candidate throughout the process as well, providing them with all the necessary information and feedback.

Let us help make the hiring process easier for both you and the candidates. Reach out to our expert recruiting team to learn more about how partnering with Masiello can benefit your organization.