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Staying on task at work throughout the holidays can be a real chall – Oh! Look, it’s Santa!

The holiday season swings around and suddenly, our to-do list becomes a mile long. Shopping, cooking, traveling, gathering, volunteering, office parties, wrapping presents – you name it. With all of these distracting obligations, staying on track at work is simply difficult. But if you somehow manage to manage your desk well and impress at work, you’ll stand out to those watching.

At Masiello Employment Services we strive to create new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day. Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach says, “You audition for your job every day, whatever your industry or level. Performing consistently, regardless of the season, increases your employability.” Think it’s easier said than done? Help yourself rise in your career by considering our ideas to impress and work your best while others drift off into the holiday fog. 

Get Yourself Organized 

Both at work and at home, craft a list of priorities. Moore suggests clearing your head by getting your tasks and projects into a digital or paper system. Once you’ve clarified your expectations and goals, move lower importance or less timely to-dos to the new year. Clear your schedule and clean up your list to stay realistic (and less stressed!).

Plan Ahead

Work with your manager to determine time off that works for you. Take a day here and there to get all of your personal chores done rather than multitasking at work by scrolling for gifts while on a conference call. The last thing you want to be is to bring poor attention to your work. That’s a total productivity suck. If you plan thoughtfully, you can make appropriate time for your to-dos at work and at home. 

Soar Above the Crowd

With this strategy, it’s a great time to impress at work by avoiding that seasonal dip in productivity. If your office is empty with people on vacation, avoid those tasks that demand collaboration and instead focus on something important to you that you never have time for. Use the quiet to brainstorm new ideas that managers love, like building the business, dazzling clients and improving efficiencies. Hop on that new year’s train like a professional ready for a promotion. 


This is a biggie. It’s not like the holidays aren’t scheduled in advance. Spread out your tasks evenly, do one at a time until it’s complete, and move on. If you have to move a mountain, bring a big shovel and get started today. Those dreaded year-end projects are not going anywhere without time, energy and effort. 

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Be Merry, Be Bright

It’s called the most wonderful time of the year, so dig into the spirit and let your smile shine! It’s amazing how much a little cheer can affect your productivity. Plus a can-do attitude makes you a pleasure to work with, strengthens relationships with co-workers, and helps you impress at work.

Take Care of You, Too. 

High expectations and a million tasks is a lot to take on. When you’re not at the office, let your brain rest. If you have days off to take – take them! Schedule self-care time at your favorite treat-yourself spot. Enjoy some exercise with visiting family. Eat a salad in between those holiday treats. Use the longer nights to add an extra half hour into your sleep schedule. Most of all, don’t over-commit. It’s okay to say “no” to holiday invites from acquaintances.

Self-Check Ins

At the end of each day and week, ask yourself a few questions to stay on track. Did you accomplish your set tasks for the day/week? If not, why? What do you need to change in order to make tomorrow go more smoothly? And if there was nothing you could have changed, can you re-organize the task list to make it more realistic? 

Remember to take a breath and tell yourself you did your best. Good job, you! Simply staying confident, relaxed and positive throughout the holiday chaos will impress your boss. 

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Impress at Work in the New Year

The dedicated Staffing Managers at Masiello want 2023 to be YOUR YEAR! With savvy staffing solutions and smart career advice, we connect great companies with great people. Start your new year strong by being the best you can be now and if that means getting ready for an exciting new role, get in touch! We’re ready to help!