You hired on some temporary staff to complete a project, to fill an absence or for seasonal support. Whatever the reason, you hired them because you needed their help or expertise to get a job done. And it’s important to keep them motivated and excited about the job. Why? Temporary employees will impact your business’ productivity and, consequently, profitability, just like any full-time, regular employee on your payroll. But how do you motivate a temporary employee?

The answer is simple: The same way you motivate your regular employees.

Here are few ways you can keep your contingent staff excited about the job:

  • Don’t treat them like a temp. On their first day, introduce them to the people they will be working with, or those individuals with whom they’ll share space. Give them a quick tour of the area – show them where the bathroom and kitchen are. Don’t refer to them as “the temp.” You know they are a temp. They know they’re a temp. Your regular employees know, too. It’s not necessary to harp on it.
  • Pay well. Money is always a strong motivator. Consider offering some monetary incentives, such as a bonus for perfect attendance or for meeting certain goals. It’s a great way to keep them excited about the work.  If you can’t provide bonuses, try to pay your temporary employees more than minimum wage. Or find out what your competitors are paying and see if you can beat that.
  • Discuss any possible growth opportunities. If there is any chance that the temporary opportunity could turn into something more for the right person, let temporary employees know from the onset. They are likely to go in and work harder in order to impress and secure a permanent position.
  • Encourage teamwork. Don’t be afraid to have your temps work alongside your regular employees. It’s not only less lonely, but people are likely to work harder when on a team.
  • Provide orientations and training. Set your temporary workers up for success by taking the time to show them how to do a good job and answer any questions they may have. It may take a little time in the beginning, but it takes more time (and costs more money) to have to redo a project, or have to fire and hire someone new.
  • Offer feedback/coaching. Let temporary employees know when they are doing a good job, or when they need to improve. People don’t always know they are doing something incorrectly if they are not told. And humans, by nature, love praise. It’s a great motivator.

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