prepareWhile it is certainly important to ensure that any temporary staff you add to your workforce feels welcome and like part of the team, it is also critical to make sure that your core staff does not feel threatened or uncomfortable with the new addition.  After all, this isn’t just a transition for the new employee; it is an adjustment for the entire team!

So how do you to make the integration process an easy one?

To ensure that a temporary employee’s first day (and duration of the assignment) goes smoothly, open communication with your staff is going to be the key – and will help nip gossip in the bud before it spreads rampant throughout the workplace!

Here are some tips to help you prepare your core employees for temporary support:

  • Let them know in advance that temporary support is on the way! If you catch your employees off guard, there could be tension and possibly hostility toward the temp staff. Your employees could feel wary or threatened and be uninclined to help in training and supporting the temporary employee.
  • Explain to your team why you hired additional staff. Who is this person and why is he here? That’s what your employees are going to be thinking, so it’s best to address the issue right away. Did you hire additional support because there’s a special project?  Is it peak season for your business? Whatever the reason, let them know why you hired temporary support.
  • Ensure your team understands how hiring temporary staff will make things easier for them. Poor work-life balance is a big cause of job dissatisfaction. Explain to your team how hiring extra workers is beneficial to them in the long run – won’t have to work long hours or take on an additional workload, etc.
  • Explain that it’s not a threat. Bringing on someone to do a similar job may make some employees fear that they are going to be replaced. Ease their worries. Explain that their jobs are not in jeopardy and that their roles have not changed.
  • Encourage mentorship. Tell your employees exactly how they can help the new hire be successful in completing their assignment. If they feel that they are in a position to lead by example, they are less likely to feel threatened by the new staff.
  • Show your employees that their opinions matter.  If they have comments, questions, or concerns, regarding the temporary staff, encourage them to communicate them with you. Feedback, negative or positive, will provide insight on whether the temporary help you hired is a good addition or not.

The integration process can be a smooth one if you’ve added top talent to your team.

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