Staffing Agencies

Searching for new employment can be stressful! Updating your resume, identifying potential job opportunities, and sending individual applications devours time and energy. Not hearing back after an interview or not getting that dream job can leave you frustrated and exhausted. 

This is all especially true if you’ve been searching for employment for a long time without any feedback. The daunting task of securing a new job placement is enough to deter someone from advancing their career. But you don’t need to sift away through job openings in isolation.

The experienced staff at Masiello Employment Services love helping people make their next successful career move. Here are some of the ways staffing agencies give candidates the upper hand in a job search. 

1. Let us handle the emotional stress for you.

Our staffing professionals are confident, with years of successful job placement in direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary jobs. We know the current market. We know clients looking for particular skill sets. We’re not guessing; it’s our business to know what employers are looking for. Let that experience and confidence work for you and find you the right match at the right time

2. Utilize our experience to provide you with key insights.

We have spent years learning from hiring managers, while developing relationships and networks with them. We know what they are looking for in their next successful employee, not just in the individual job, but also their personal preferences.

3. Skip the line.

In order to avoid the costly mistake of a mismatched new employee, hiring managers often do not publicly post employment opportunities. In many cases, it’s more efficient for them to communicate to their long-time network—us—that they have an opening. They know it benefits them and the qualified job seeker they’re looking for to match and find the right fit the first time.


4. Find a hidden gem!

Hiring managers may accept recommended resumes from trusted staffing agencies even if there is no official job opening. Some companies will hire a specific skill set even if they weren’t officially searching for candidates. 

5. Trust our feedback.

Our hardworking staffing team is ready to guide you through the process and assist you in developing those elusive resumes, cover letters, and interview skills and advise you on anything to help you secure your dream job. It’s literally our job to find you a job, and we love doing it!

6. Temp-to-Hire and temporary jobs offer a way to try out an employment opportunity.

Staffing agencies quickly connect talented workers with companies seeking employees and offer employment assistance to anyone who is ready for temporary or temp-to-hire work. This allows you time to try out a new job before committing. Additionally, temporary jobs can allow you time and money to continue searching for the job of your dreams if you just haven’t found it yet.

7. Staffing agencies often submit resumes directly to hiring managers.

This is the most efficient way to have your resume reviewed. When you use a staffing agency, our network becomes your network. We have built relationships with hiring managers over time throughout our region and this may be the key to open your next career opportunity.


8. Get better bang for your buck!

Interviews are stressful, time-consuming and exhausting. Did you know that a single interview can be used for multiple job openings? Unlike singular job postings that are limited and closed once filled, with a staffing agency there is always a chance that multiple positions are or will be available for your skill set.

9. Rather than wasting your time driving all over town to drop off your resume, let us do the leg work.

As a one stop shop, we make sure your resume ends up on the desks of legitimate businesses looking to hire someone just like you. Once a staffing agency has vetted you, there is an opportunity to be placed in a role you are qualified for. From there, the job hunt is simplified immensely compared to tackling it on your own.

So don’t have to take on the stress of wondering how you could have done better at an interview or if you are qualified enough or how the employment market has changed since your last application. Masiello Employment Services offers real employment solutions in a professional, helpful way to get you moving toward your chosen career path. We are ready to share our expertise, employment network, and energy to get your career moving. Contact us today!