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Looking for a quick hire in Keene, New Hampshire, Brattleboro, Vermont, or Western Massachusetts? A staffing agency is a great way to go! Masiello Employment Services excels at placing qualified individuals in temp jobs, temp-to-hire positions, and direct hire roles. We love helping people find their next career success! 

Masiello staff understand the many awesome and sometimes surprising benefits of temporary work. Here are a few unexpected ways temporary employment can advance your career goals.

Build New Skills

If you are looking to work in a new field, taking a temporary job can offer training that helps you build new skills and professional experience. Taking on new career challenges can be daunting but doing so with a temp job can lower the stress and commitment while exposing you to fresh work experience. 

Using a staffing agency can also make this easier, better matching your previous skills with exciting new career challenges. A temp job is the perfect opportunity to “try out” a new career path or professional experiences. Skills developed during temp work can often lead to even more employment opportunities!

Career Growth

Flexible Hiring Requirements

If you have been wanting to break out of your current career path but you are not sure you have developed all of the skills needed for your new desired position, temporary jobs can offer you an “in.” Frequently, employers are looking to fill temporary jobs quickly and may be more open minded regarding hiring requirements. 

Landing a new job quickly can fill gaps not only in your skill set but also in your resume or budget.  Employers prefer to see consistent employment on the experience section of a resume and temporary jobs will keep you actively employed. Temp jobs can also allow you time (and money!) to search for a hard-to-find but coveted position.

Temp to Full-Time

Temporary jobs often include pathways to full-time positions. Permanent positions are frequently filled from temporary positions. Employers prefer to hire known individuals, removing the risk of taking on an unknown hire. Unknown applicants waste time and money though interviewing, hiring, and training. Temporary work can offer both employee and employer a chance to confirm the position is a good match.

Recommendations and Referrals 

Temp agencies will place you in positions that you can leverage into valuable recommendations and referrals from supervisors. When you take on temporary work, you quickly meet new people, make new connections and build your network. 

Employment opportunities, whether you’re talking about a new job, a fresh career, or advancement within your company, don’t happen by magic. They come through work experience, improved skills, and most importantly, connecting with people who notice your potential

Temp Jobs

Decide What You Want

Temp agencies can match qualified individuals with low-stakes experience in a fresh career path. Most individuals have multiple careers in a lifetime. Sometimes you want a new job in a new field, having been frustrated or unhappy with your current job. Other times, you may just not quite know what you want to do for work. Maybe you have a lot of different things you want to do in your life and they are not all in one single logical linear career path. Allowing yourself time and experience in a new career can be invigorating and a staffing agency can help you decide what you want next.

Masiello Employment Services is here and ready to support you in making the most of your next career move. We will listen to your goals, work to find you the best job match, and inspire you to new career heights! We have openings for full-time, part-time, permanent, and temp jobs, so don’t write off any of your options. A temporary employment position may be just the thing to move you toward your career goals!