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Score Big!

At Masiello Employment Services, we know how important networking is to a successful career. We invite you to join us and score big at our upcoming “Tailgate Party.” On Wednesday, September 15, we’re hosting the next Greater Keene and Peterborough Chamber After Hours event! It promises to be a great night of networking.

We’ll provide football-themed food, beverages, and door prizes. All you need to do is wear your favorite team jersey and get ready to have a ball! If you haven’t already signed up, you can register at

Networking Made Simple

Effective networking means getting to know a range of people who are relevant to your current career goals. It’s also smart to build relationships with people in other industries who may be able to connect you with unexpected opportunities. Almost anyone who enjoys their job and has fifteen minutes available is happy to talk about their work, so don’t be shy! 

Developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with others in your field and beyond can benefit you in multiple ways. These kinds of connections can often lead to your next new hire, a new idea, a new contact, or sharing each other’s products. 

While some events, like our upcoming After Hours Tailgate Party, offer excellent networking opportunities by design, you can also network in more informal ways. Schedule a walking meeting, volunteer, meet for a cup of coffee at your local roastery, or grab lunch with colleagues. You never know what might come of the conversation.  

Networking Graphic

Improved Employment Opportunities

For an employer, hiring someone who’s already in their network is a big win. It decreases the risks around time, training, and costs. Job placement takes effort for both the company and new hire to navigate the specific skills required. When companies rely on their networks or on the support of a staffing agency, they help reduce the possibility of an incorrect match. The benefits are big—lower turnover and less wasted time and effort for all. 

If you’re someone who’s seeking a new placement, networking is also a great way to show off many soft skills that are valuable to an employer. These might include effective communication, dependability, flexibility, leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability. In each interaction, there’s something to discover. For instance, you may already possess the skills needed for your next job, but you might not even know it yet. Networking can open your mind to alternative career paths, too.  

Networking Creates New Ideas

Listening to others’ ideas is the secret to developing one’s own understanding. Tune into the experiences and insights of those you interact with. It can lead to a breakthrough in thought process or even to options you had never considered! As you build yourself professionally, you accumulate knowledge, information, and skills. Networking cultivates these new ideas through long-term communication channels built and sustained by mutual benefits. 

Networking right within your own company is also a smart way to collaborate and brainstorm fresh approaches. Strong relationships at work are essential to a job well done and enjoying a positive work environment. Being able to work as a team benefits everyone. 

Career Ladder

Networking Leads To Upward Mobility

Tapping into the people around you as resources for knowledge, information, and skills demonstrates the desire to advance and improve yourself. This makes you stand out from the crowd and sets you up as a valuable asset to your current or future employer. Your network can help you develop your career status and smooth the path for exc